D&D 5E

Game Material 5th edition

This is some of the addtional game support material we use. The material is a combination of own created materal and material collected from various D&D 5th Edition source sites on the internet. All credits and right goes the the inventors mentioned in the material.

Official Eratta & FAQ

Players Handbook Eratta (PDF)

Dungeon Masters Guide Eratta (PDF)

Monster Manual Eratta (PDF)

Sage Advice Rules FAQ (PDF)

Unearthed Arcana & Adventures League

(official optional rules)

New Feats I (PDF)

New Skill Feats II (PDF)

Hillsfar Regional Bonds and Backgrounds (PDF)

Mulmaster Regional Bonds and Backgrounds (PDF)

Complete lists and indexes

Index of all spells in PHB (Excel)

Index of all spells in PHB (PDF)

List of Spells by Class, level and School (PDF)

DM only Stuff


Magic items by Rarity

Magic items value cost per category (non-official)

Monsters by Challenge Rating


Party Record Sheet - 5 Players Word (For DM)

Party Record Sheet - 5 Players PDF (For DM)

Party Record Sheet incl. magic items overview - 6 players (XLS)

Party Tracker (For DM)

Monster Tracker (For DM)

Party XP chart calculator (XLS)

DM and Player Stuff


MPMB's Complete autofil Character Sheet (pdf)

Offical Character Sheet Option 1

Alternative Character Sheet option 2

Autofill Character Sheet

Spell Sheet

Starting at Higher Levels - Start packages

Character sheet

Spell Services - price list

Memo on Necrotic damage and how it should be handled in DnD 5E

Memo on Hiding and Stealth in DnD 5E

DnD 5E Conjure spells - Creature lists

DnD 5E Traps Guide

Complete Feat Compedium and alternative levelling rules


Overview of all Deities and related Domains and Alignment

Overview of Deities and Planes

Complete List of Temples in Forgotten Realms


Overview of D&D 5th Edition Classes and Paths (incl. Supplement)

Overview of all playable Races (incl Supplement)

Overview of all Backgrounds (incl. Sumplements)

Code Legal of Forgotten Realms large cities


Overview of Factions, Church and Ranks

DnD 5.0 Faction & Church Benefits


Template for World Mapping

Template for Dungeon Mapping


Weight of Standard starter packs

Exploration and travelling tables

How to create completely new spells in DnD 5.0

Critical Hit Table for D&D 5.0

Fumble Table for D&D 5.0

Spell fumble Table for D&D 5.0

Overview of Downtime activities - Quick Chart

Other Quick reference Tables for D&D 5.0

"House Rules"

THE ORC CAVE initiative variant

DnD 5E Expanded Shop Catalouge v1.1

Healing herbs for D&D