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This site is for sharing of material and supplement for the group of players in our RPG association dediated to the classic Western RPG Boothill. Feel free to browse around and download the material you need


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Picture above:  Campaign map for Eldorado County used for Boothill. File can be found below




Boot Hill is a western-themed role-playing game designed by Brian Blume, Gary Gygax, and Don Kaye (although Kaye unexpectedly died before the game was published), and first published in 1975. Boot Hill was TSR's third role-playing game, appearing not long after Dungeons & Dragons and Empire of the Petal Throne, and taking its name from the popular Wild West term for "cemetery". Boot Hillwas marketed to take advantage of America's love of the western genre. The game did feature some new game mechanics, such as the use of percentile dice, but its focus on gunfighting rather than role-playing, as well as the lethal nature of its combat system, limited its appeal. Boot Hill was issued in three editions over 15 years, but it never reached the same level of popularity as D&D and other fantasy-themed role-playing games.


Click on left cover to access the combined supplement rules for Players in one complete copmpendium 


Click on right cover to access the combined supplement rules for the Judge in one complete copmpendium


January, 2018


Supplement: Backgrounds and Expertise feats for Boothill 3E

Introduction of backgrounds and feats as optional rules for Boothill 3rd Edition


Link to Starting backgrounds compendium v.3.0

Link to Expertise feats compendium v.4.0

January, 2018


Campaign Map: Eldorado County

Eldorado County map is the campaign setting for Boothill. Below are links to two different maps:  1 version with all locations shown and 1 version which can be used as a players version for exploration if players are not assumed familiar with the area around them or only some of it.


Link to Full map with locations


Link to "players version" without locations

February, 2018


Boothill Modified Combat Rules


After having played Boothill some modifications for better balancing of the game and also running some of the rules more smoothly is suggested. Many of these are based on some of the mechanichs known from later and mature RPG systems.  Modifications eliminates shootout rounds and only combat rounds are used. Tables are also simplified and chance of mortal wounds has been adjusted down. Modified Combat tables can be found here.


Link to modified Boothill tables 1 v.5.0

Link to modified Boothill tabels 2  v.5.0

February, 2018


Boothill Optional rules: Healing and wounds


This is a supplement that modifies the recovering from wounds rules to increase speed and also introduces selected drugs, herbs and treatments that can temporarily neutralize negative effects from wounds and/or improve recovery.


Link to alternative Healing of wounds rules v.3.0

June, 2019

Boothill Supplement:
The Judge's book of Wild Animals

This is a supplement that add a quick reference book for the Judge with standard arhetype Wild Animals. The all have expanded stats but is built on the ones in the core rulebook with addition of several new animals. Easy for A5 small book print

Link to Judge's book of Wild Animals v.3.0

January, 2018


Expanded item  lists

Expanded list of items including a merging of specific weapons from Knuckleduster Firearms guide with Boot Hill core weapon list, where the generic weapons has been made specific models.

Expanded Boot Hill Weapons list v.4.0

Expanded Goods and Services v.2.0


Link to Dragon Magazine "Cash and carry" article

January, 2018


Knuckleduster Firearms guide converter to Boothill rules

Conversion key to fit the famous Firearms guide with extensive weapons characteristics to fil Boothill 3E rules


Link to Conversion Guide

January, 2018


Boothill 3rd Edition Full Rulebook

Complete rulebook for Boothill 3E in pdf format. Only members download only. In addtion link to all the essential Boothil supplement on this page put into one rulebook


Link to full standard core rulebook

January, 2018


Boothill City setting: Promise City

Starting/Main city for Boothill. Map of full city


Link to City map

June, 2019

Boothill Supplement: The Judge's book of NPC's

This is a supplement that add a quick reference book for the Judge with several standard arhetype NPC's. The all have expanded stats and with inclusion of the feats optional supplement. It can however be used as well without the feat rules. Easy for A5 small book print

Link to Judge's book of NPC's v.3.0