Here you will find a list of interesting D&D links containing lots of great material to support your D&D campaign. The iare also links to some online second hand stores for purchasing D&D source and supplement books


The Dungeon Master




Site with all D&D 3.0 and 3.5 material including spells, classes, feats, skills and more. Great database and look up source

Excellent tool site for the DM if you are short of time or have not had the time to prepare everything. Large database with Pre generated NPC classes and lots of other helpfull stuff

Easy to use Monster advancer which can advance all monsters in Open Game License (OGL) and convert to D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder. Output is easy to copy paste into your campaign notes or just print directly. Only small downside is that Server response time sometimes is slow

Redblade Org a really nice a quick site where you can download Charater and NPC Generator for various editions of D&D incl. 3.5. It takes only 10 min to build a 20 level wizard and then you can print everything nicely put into a Character sheet.

France supplier of roofs made from solid resin and handpainted fully compatible with Dwarvenforge miniature terrain. This way you can create outdoor houses from small to large and even put interiør and miniatures inside them. Relatively expensive but great quality and use.


This site also holds the most impressive dungeon builds from Dwarvenforge scenery. There is a complete copy of Mines of Moria from Lord of the Rings movie build from dwarvenforge. The most accurate on the net. Site also in english

World best supplier of the finest 3D miniature terrain for table RPG gaming. Expensive but also fantastic. A must for the most serious RPG groups. UK vendor expeted January next year.

Supplier of high quality battlemaps for RPG with 5x5 feet squares on one side and hex on the other side. Use water based overhead markers for drawing on map. »
A site with lot of supporting material, addtional rules and some adventures as well »

A site with the d20 open source sytem rules (based on the System Reference Document). All the core system rules for easy reference»
An automatic online dungeon creator»
Another automatic online dungeon creator


Fileindexer »

A huge vault of files also containing a vast amount of D&D material »

A handy online D&D v.3.5 Character Generator for quick PC or NPC generation »

An online NPC and monster generator for D&D v.3.5


DMgenie »

DM Genie is a complete software suite for managing campaigns and creating PCs. It can run either the 3.5 or original third edition, and can be adapted to many other d20 systems. »

The Only Sheet is a very powerful Character creation and maintenance workbook for both Dungeons & Dragons v3.5 and Pathfinder rule systems.

A free random fantasy name generator

This is the home for pymapper, a dungeon tile mapping program.  It is available for windows, mac, and linux

Outline your Area of Effect with our steel wire templates. Each STEEL SQWIRE template is constructed of .092" galvanized steel wire, about the diameter of paint can handle, for durability. Each bend has been made with computer accuracy and closed with a spot weld. These templates are sure to last you just as long as the original D&D itself. Color templates are available & provide clarity to which templates are yours or which effect the template represents.

Homepage for Fiery Dragon enabling purchasing of Monster counters for RPG and grid play -Cheap alternative to buying D&D Miniatures

Homepage for Arsenale Shipworks which makes some of the best handpainted ships in various sizes made from solid resin. Excellent supplement to Dwarvenforge and miniature terrain

Homepage for The Model tree shop which makes miniature trees in a nice durable quality and in various sizes and price levels. A great game aid for woodland based campaigns and encounters / © 2010 • Privacy Policy • Terms of Use /