Buried & Retired Characters

Buried & Retired Characters

We Here you can find former Characters played by the members. They are either Buried due to unfortunate fates, stroke of unluck or just retired characters after reaching the Characters goals or by reaching Epic level 20

Name: Armand de Las Cuevas

Character: Male Dark Elf, Bard/Warlock/Cleric

Background: Unknown

Faction: Officially Lords Alliance

Deity: Ghaunador

Game: D&D 5.0 Rage against Demons Campaign

Player: Regin Glob

Armand De Las Cuevas, the Troubadour. Son of Eileen De Las Cuevas, wood elf of the high forest, and a Marauding Darkelf-rapist from Menzoberranzan, who attacked a wood elf colony in the outskirts of High forest. Few survivors of the attack but Eileen was one of them and she gave a dramatic birth to her bastard child. She died of shame before she laid eyes on her son. As he grew up, young Armand, felt the ignorance of his fellow elf younglings. He was different, with the mind of a wood elf but the looks of a darkelf he never felt accepted in the community. An old female elf took care of him in his first years but as he grew older she abandoned him as it became too much of a pressure on her to keep the boy within the elven community. He was an outcast in his homeland. He left High forest and went to Silverymoon where he lived of the streets, staying put in the sewers at daytime and making the best of his time at night where he had the better chances of success with his Darkelf nightvision and his nimble fingers. He actually did pretty good but it bothered him that he could never be accepted in the city. He once robbed a noble of silverymoon of his Golden beautiful Lyre, and that became a turning point in his life, of two reasons: he started playing the Lyre and found that he had a natural talent for it. Secondly, he was wanted by the city guard and the Nobleman and it made life in Silverymoon very difficult for Armand De Las Cuevas. So he left one night to seek out his fortune somewhere else in high spirits playing on his Lyre but always wondering if there would ever be a place in the realms for him, where others would accept him, welcome him, befriend him, and will he ever be able to return the acceptance and friendship when/if offered.

Name: Father Avery of Deneir

Character:  Male Human Cleric (Knowlegde Domain)

Background: Cloistered Scholar

Faction: Haroers and Priesthood of Deneir in Candlekeep and Church of Neverwinter

Deity: Deneir

Game: D&D 5.0 Rage against Demons Campaign

Player: Peter Brandt Vand

Avery grew up in Candlekeeps great library, no one knows who his parents is, or where he was born. One morning the attending librarian found him as an infant in a section of the library, how he got there, or who left him no one knows.

Avery was raised by the clerics of Deneir, and quickly became a favorite among them, cause of his quick learning and good memory. They named him Avery, after the old headmaster of the Edificant Library.

Only problems is his desire to see and learn everything himself, some experiments didn’t always go as planned. Averywas often criticized for not sticking to letter of Deneir’s teaching, but Deneir encourages learning and knowledge, and seeing things from all the angles, instead of just one must be best, or so Athelstan believes.

Avery loves mysteries, and will look through books, tomes and scrolls for hours if it can solve a problem or mystery. He is always making notes in his little books, so he doesn't miss anything.

That is also why the clergy has send him on missions to discover secret tomes or knowledge or even lost persons. It was on one of these missions, that Avery discovered something mysterious about the balance of good and evil, there was something going on in the underdark, and his gut feeling said it had something to do with demons

Avery informed his supervisors .....and was sent together with a group of five younger Brothers of the Church. The journey led them North to Yartar and from there to the Evermoors. Here they received af vision that the threat was coming from below. They were also shown an entrance to the Upperdark - possible by divine interaction from Deneir.

From there Avery and his Fellow Brothers continued the journey into the dark.....

Name: Harbek "Darkheart" Hammerstone

Character: Male, Mountain Dwarf, Paladin

Background:Clan Crafter

Faction: Zhentarim

Deity: Unknown - Fallen Paladin

Game: D&D 5.0 Rage against Demons Campaign

Player: Rene Thomsen

Harbek Hammerstone is a relatively young Paladin dwarf dedicated to follow the righteous path of Torm and fight all evil forces that he encounters. Despite being a dwarf, he is very good looking with a beautiful dwarven-style charismatic face that fits nicely together with his strong body and healthy nature. Wisdom and intelligence is not his strongest assets although above average - in particular to the average foes encountered during his travel through Underdark.

Being a paladin, he has a strong opinion about what is good and righteous and he will often resolve evil encounters by using his trusty warhammer and paladin acquired skills instead of useless planning and small talking. He has a strong grudge against all types of undeads and will fight them at all costs. A passion that probably dates back to his early days of paladin training where he was traped in a dungeon with nothing but undeads surrounding him and his warhammer in his hand. These dreadful nights still hunts him and only the light of Torm has kept him on the sane path. 

Harbek is a mountain dwarf (of course!) and belongs to a small dwarwen clan that lives a quiet life in solitude isolated from other societies and with very limited ineractions with other non-dwarven folks.

During his upbringing he was trained in stone cutting and was introduced to the wonderous secrets of gems, something that still brings a smile to his face when he coincidentally stumbles upon a gem or two. He has a very keen eye on gems (mostly the high valued ones) and the reason why he has this particular affiliation for gems is something that only Harbek knows.

Finally, Harbeck always helps people in need without regards to his own personal costs of such actions - unless gems are involved.

He has chosen the adventureous path instead of staying at one of the temples of Torm since he sees adventuring as a perfect opportunity to do his part in eradicating all evil deeds (primarily focusing on undeads) - and of course to gather as many gems as possible. 

Name: Quarion Dundragon

Character:Male Half-Elf Dragonborn Sorcerer

Background:Sage (Researher)


Deity: Bahamut

Game: D&D 5.0 Rage against Demons Campaign

Player: Steffan Olesen

Raised in Baldurs Gate. He has been very interested in investigating the background for his family

Have studied at the local University. As a frequent guest to the library in Candlekeep, he has read all kinds of literature.

Has spent his life searching for the reason, why he has not yet developed some abilities having a dragon as ancestor.

In the age of 30 years old - he finally achieved magical abilities.

Is now set out to travel out into the world and acquire additional knowledge, skills and magical abilities

Dundragon has a strong connection and interest in Drsgon eggs. Recently he recieved a Gold dragon egg that he is hactching in a Tower in Neverwinter City.

He also seems to hold a very deep and special relationship with a sword called "Dawnbringer" that he constantly caries and talks to.

Name: Clan Chief Hugan "the Demonslayer"

Character: Male Goliath, Barbarian

Background: Unknown

Faction: Emerald Enclave

Deity: Nature Spirits

Game: D&D 5.0 Rage against Demons Campaign

Player: Christian Stenz

Originally known as Hugan the Totem Warrior. Hugan was part of an expedition to The Underdark. The expedition group was called  "Warriors against the Drows" and their mission was to locate and find a lost member of the group - a female Shield Dwarf scout called Eldeth Feldrun. If it was dead or alive didnt matter. Eldeth was captured by the evil Drows and Hugan has a natural strong dislike for drows. "Warriors against the Drow consisted of:

Hugan the Totem Warrior

Eldeth Feldrun, femnale Shield dwarf Fighter (gone missing)

Langalth, Gome Wizard

Warback, Halfling Rougue

Braxta, Female Goliath Barbarian (from Hugans Clan)

The expedition group was wiped in the Underdark an Hugan was only survivor and was found by a wandering party called "Lords of Underdark".

After sucessfully defeating the Demon threat in the Underdark, Hugan was initiated as new Clan Chief for his tribe adn recieved the nickname "The Demon slayer".

The Hugan tribe is located in the most eastern part of Neverwinter mountains and his village has become a strong allied to the Kingdom of Gauntlgrym.

Hugan holds a big hatred to a new enemy the Giants - as apparantly a band of Frost Giants and other giants slayed his former Clan Chief and a handfull of clan members.


over Armand, Father Avery, Harbek Dark Heart Hammerstone, Clan Chief Hugan og Quarion Dundragon:

De fleste indbyggere i Newervinter var gået til køjs og registrerede ikke hvad der skete den skæbnesvangre aften hvor 5 magtfulde individer mødtes i en mægtig kamp om magt under en af byens kroer. En hellig dværg forført af mørket, griskhed og indre dæmoner søgte den ultimative offergave til sin gud, at nedkæmpe de helte og Dværgens tidligere venner som havde ødelagt gudens planer for at korrumpere hele underverdenen.

Men Dværgen mødte sine overmænd og som det blev forudset endte han sine dage som en magtfuld, rig og meget ensom Dværgekonge.

I Neverwinter tog Barden,Armand De Las Cuevas, en hurtig beslutning og lukkede porten ind den tidligere dværgekonges mansion for at holde ubudne gæster fra at overtage stedet. Efter kort tid gik rygterne at stedet var hjemsøgt og uhyggelige lyde og fodtrin kunne høres om natten hvis man vovede sig tæt forbi borgmuren.

''lord Neverember fortsatte i jobbet som byens øverste leder, men der var kommet nye bykonger til byen og magten lå nu reelt hos de 3 af de resterende helte og rigmænd, Father Avery of Deneheir, Sorceren Quarion dundragon og vokalisten Armand de Las Cuevas.

Deneheir templet voksede sig stort i løbet af de kommende år, ikke mindst set i lyset af at alle andre officielle templer i byen konstant var udsat for uheldige sætningsskader på bygninger og ustabile præster der ikke kunne finde ro i Newervinter og ofte forsvandt i nattens mulm og mørke. Men Deneheir templet havde tilsyneladende større modstandskræft og i folkemunde forlød det at det var fordi man havde valgt at bruge dværge fra Gauntlegrym til opførelsen af templet og kvalitet fornægter sig jo ikke. (nogle mener at vide at det er guder fra underverden der holder hånden over deneheir templet, men det er ikke bekræftet noget steds fra).

Ude i vildmarken herskede den sidste af heltene fra undergrunden, Clan chief Hugan, the demon slayer. han samlede over en årrække alle klanerne under sig og han var kendt som en vis og klog klanleder. Da han endelig fandt tid til at være klanleder viste det sig ligeledes at han var yderst produktiv og det menes at han er fader til 10 unge klanmedlemmer. han kommer jævnligt på besøg hos sine venner i Newervinter, men hans ophold er korte da han mener at bylugten og de stærkt befærdede veje er usunde for de frie folk.

Sorceren Dundragon, lever i sit tårn midt i Newervinter, utroligt upopulær fordi han opdrager drager som hobby. Drager i utrolige farver bliver udklækket og opfostret , men det er ikke så meget det der er problemet for befolkningen omkring tårnet. Men drager skaber en unaturlig frygt hos folk når de forlader hans tårn, og ikke nok med det så efterlader de også voldsomt store mængder drageafføring, og det er altså ikke at kimse af når de bliver smidt fra flere 100 meters højde. Det er en formildende omstændighed for befolkningen at sorceren ofte betaler klækkelige erstatninger til folk der har følt sig forulempede af hans kæledyr.

Under ledelsen af Neverember og de tre fyrster, som de bliver kaldt i folkemunde, vokser Newervinter sig større både over jorden og under jorden de kommende år og byens renomme når langt ud i Faerun som perlen i nord.

Den dag idag er der stadig mange i Neverwinter som frygter at Harbek Darkheart en dag med skæbnes hjælp kommer tilbage fra en anden verden for at få hævn og underlægge sig Byen. Sangen om Kong Harbeks scepter og fortællingen bruges stadig som gyserhistorie fortalt til byens børn. Harbeks residens står stadig tomt, forsejlet og uberørt og har vist sig umuligt at sælge til nogen.....

Således sluttede historien om 5 uheldige fanger der bare ønskede at komme hjem, men som endte med at blive kendte som dæmonbetvingerne, dragedræbere, og giganternes bane. I en kro i Newervinter kan man komme og høre sangene om heltenes bedrifter, hver aften året rundt, den hedder Kong Harbeks scepter og den samler folk fra nær og fjern. Men under kroens festlige ydre lure en ukendt kraft der vokser sig stærkere og stærkere som tiden går...

Name: Thock

Character: Large, Male Half-Orc, Fighter / Warhulk

Faction: Member of outsiders of Phlaan

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Peter Brandt Vand

Retired as Level 9

Thock was raised in the streets of Phlaan. His mother was raped by an Orc, his mother made her life as a servant in a tavern, and they lived in a small room they rented. One day Thock’s mother got sick and they didn’t have money for a cleric, so Thock’s mother died from the sickness. The landlord kicked Thock out, so it was the streets for Thock.

Thock used the only way he knew to survive strength, so he bullied the others street Child in to giving him food, so he could survive. Thock didn’t enjoy that but survival was the only think he could think of at that time.

Years passed and Thock got older, one day his Luck changed, he was strolling down the streets when a closed carriage with a horse was galoping towards him, with out thinking, which is easy for Thock, he grasped the reins and used him big strength to stop the carriage. It turned out that it was one of the masters from a fighting school in town. He took Thock in and let him live at the school and train with the others. Finally Thock had found some meaning in life, finally something to use his big strength to.

The next couple of years was good and Thock was tolerated at the school, until the accident. Thock was doing an exercise with the other boys, and he didn't mean to hit so hard, but the swing had full momentum and the other young man was hurt bad. It turned out to the son off a sponsor for the school and he got mad, because his son was hurt.

The Master had to let Thock leave or he would lose his sponsorship. He talked with Thock and gave him some equipment and money so h could survive. He told Thock to find some adventurers and see the world, train his skills as a fighter, always help the down trodden, and then come back and show him what Thock had learned.

So now Thock is looking for some adventurers that can help see the world, and be a better fighter and help where he can.

He became permanently enlarged and is now more resembling a half-ogre in appearance. If it was this who lead him to take up the training as War-Hulk is unknown.

Name: Kimberly

Character: Female Gnome Wizard

Faction: Member of outsiders of Phlaan

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Regin Glob

Retired as Level 9

Kimberley is an attractive whispergnome from Hillsfar. But her attractiveness is most likely only a first hand impression as she has a habbit of sweeping peoples feet away under them with her rude tongue and bad manners. As attractive her looks are so unattractive is her behaviour that she has great difficulties finding friends and acquaintancees.

How she has become so unloveable is a good question as she is not aware of her own bad mannerism, she is not the reflecting kind of girl, she sees her lack of friendships more as :”all the other people are wrong and not worth spending time on”.

Looking from the outside there seems to be a red thread through her life, that she has worked in maleoriented communities with rowdish and undisciplined languageuse. She has worked as the ”Verminator” in different dwarfmines, slaying rats and spiders and an occasional looter, where noone cared for good or bad behaviour.

Her last job was in a goldmine in the mountains near Bliss, but as the mine dried out she was fired and since then she has been drifting around only having shortterm jobs.

One day, Kimberley found herself as the rescuer of a young human named Lorach, he was hired to take care of a caravan when they were ambushed by goblins. Kimberley watched as the goblins slayed merchants and guards, her eyes fell on a young man being stuck below his dying horse, as he tried his best to rid himself of the weight of the horse he caught the attention of a goblinguard. The goblin saw an opportunity for an easy target and rushed towards the defenceless human. That was too much for Kimberley who mumbled a spell and the magic missile flew and made maximum impact and slayed the goblin. Kimberley took the chance and neared the man and helped him free himself and they took of into the woods before the other goblins, whom was busy looting the caravan, saw them. A friendship was on the upstart.

Name: Slaathan Darss

Character: Male, Lizard Man, Dragon Shaman

Faction: Member of outsiders of Phlaan

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Rene thomsen

Retired as level 9

Slaathan was born at one of the mountains belonging to the Spine of the World in Northern Faerûn. The mountain lies south of Icewind Dale and the northern icecaps. In addition to the cold harsh nature, the region is also filled with foul creatures, such as ogres and orcs, ... and nice warmy Lizardfolks that organizes themselves in small savage societies called clans.

Slaathan belonged to one of these proud clans that lived in underwater air-filled mountain caves. The clan worshipped the Silver dragon Turac (Turac meaning cold, frozen, and Ice-North) - ruler of the mountain region that was believed to be located in a lair in the same region as the clan.

Unfortunately, clans are sometimes attacked by other not so friendly clans and this also happened to Slaathan's. A hostile Lizardfolk clan almost annihilated the local Lizardfolk people except for little Slaathan. Survival is the utmost concern of lizardfolks and he managed to survive the horrible attack and escape from his enemies by walking through a very narrow mountain passage. The passage led to the main lair of Turac and Slaathan became a servant and true follower of the mighty silver dragon.

After many years of loyally serving the dragon and learning more and more of the dragonic way of life, Turac one day told him that he was not the only survivor from the horrible attack many years ago. The dragon asked him to find the other survivors and bring them back home to the dragon lair. Why? Slaathan did not know but the dragon would always know what was best for his tribe! Suddenly, everything went dark around Slaathan and he heard strange draconic whispers. When he woke up he was very far from the dragon's lair - and the Spine of the World mountains. He found himself lying outside the city gates of Phlaan - a town that he had never heard about or wanted to visit beforehand. Perhaps Turac had something to do with this strange way of travelling?

Ready to follow the dragon's advice and to prove himself worthy as a fellow Draconian, he is now exploring Phlan in search of a group of adventurers that can help him on his way - both to find survivors of his clan - and to seek revenge for the attack on his fellow clan members.

Despite the green scales covering his body, Slaathan is a relatively good-looking man with strong claws, a nice tail, and a passionate bite. Overall, lizardfolk like Slaathhan are stoic and quiet, showing their passion in action and not in words. Slaathan prefers frontal assults complying very well to to his motto 'no beating around the bush - move forward'.

Name: Glim seebo Zorock Gargins Nornock Garrick

Character: Male, Gnome, Rogue / Warlock

Faction: Member of outsiders of Phlaan

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Christian Stenz

Retired as level 9

"Seebo" is a very young gnome of 28 years, only almost an adult, quite small, 3 feet high weighting 30lb.

He sends his prayers to the lady luck, Tymora.

Seebo has green eyes, which change in hue and brightness depending on his mood - from bright red when angry or excited to dull green or blue when bored or disappointed. Imago normally have similarly bright hair color, ranging from vivid red to blond, but Seebo's is pitch black, thereby earning him the nickname "Blackie". Once in a while a child with pitch black hair is born in Seebos family. He has questioned his mother and father about this as he stands out from the other kids, but he has received no real answer, though he feels they do know more than they tell him. "Doublelock" he earned from friends by picking his mothers double-locked treasure chest at an age of only 10. "Finder" he got because he is good at e-hem "finding" stuff...

He has lots of other names too, but Glim, Seebo and Zorock are the ones he most often use.

Seebo originate from The Vast, situated southwest of The Moonsea.

His people, the "Imago" (known as chaos gnomes) had lived in a settlement near the Earthfast Mountains. The settlement was breaking up, and the different imago families moving on to new places. Seebos family decided to travel to the city Ravens Bluff, together with a couple of other imago families.

The Imago are very fond of magic - especially arcane magic - and almost everyone can do a magic trick or two.

In Ravens Bluff Seebo found questionable new friends, with which he looted travelers and merchants, and burglary. Even though he definitely has talent in these arts, one day bad luck stroke. He and a comrade had broken into a rich mans home, he had heard talk of this guy being a wizard or such, and they wanted to see if they could "find" some interesting items in his house.

They got into the house easy enough, and split up to search the house. Suddenly he heard his comrade scream and the wizard roar, a bright light followed and the smell of burnt hair reached his nose. Seebo had no way of escape, but suddenly found a large glowing ring in the next room. He had heard talk of portals, so he slipped through it to escape the mad wizard.

He found himself in a new mansion, where he found a good hiding spot. After waiting some hours he left the house. He decided to try and go back the next night, even though he would risk facing the wizard. When he returned at night though, the house was full of people and he could not get in unseen.

The next night he tried again, and by then the people were gone.

He got into the house quick enough, but when he found the room again the portal was gone.

So, he found himself situated in Phlan, whithout many friends. But, he decided to look at the bright side of things, maybe learn some new tricks in this godforsaken place. He wanted to find new friends and go adventuring!

Name: Zorion

Character: Male, Lesser Asimar, Cleric of Mystra

Faction: Member of outsiders of Phlaan

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Steffan olesen

Retired as level 9

Zorion is a young male around 20 years old. He was born in a small town in Cormyr. His mother died giving birth to him and he was therefore brought up by his father. From the start he had felt different that other peoples in the town and do things other humans in town. When confronting his father with this he was told that he was a descendant of an outsider on his mother’s side. This mixing (as his father called it) between a human and outsider had happened many generations ago. Exactly by which kind of creature was he not sure off, but his mother had always meant it was a Ghaele  because of her (and his) pearly blue opalescent eyes.

Even though his father was a wizard, Zorion wanted to join the monastery to get even more in touch with his deity.

In the monastery Zorion learnt the ways of the cleric. To be a good person and to help fight evil where ever it is needed.

After many years in the monastery Zorion left as a young man. He now wanted to go out into the world to do the work of his deity, find out more about the celestial ancestor who has made him special. His thoughts of his mother and what he could have learned about his ancestors from her often troubles him.

On his travel around the world for answers and serving his deity he now happens to be in Phlan looking for a group of adventurers to help him on his way and which he can help on their path.

Name: Lorach

Character: Male, Human, Warmage

Faction: Initiate to outsiders of Phlaan

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Peter Brandt Vand

Retired at Level 4

Lorach grew up as the third son of small merchant house in Melvaunt, as the last son no one expected him to take over the buisnesss, so Lorach lived the easy life in Melvaunt.

He was quite the disappointment to his father, so when Lorach got involved in his third drunken fight, enough was enough. His father sent him to the Warmage College of Taarth Moorda to learn the way of a Warmage, that way he could be used as a guard for the houses caravans and hopefully stay out of trouble.

At the college Lorach found his meaning in life, and now he knew what to do with his life. Train as a Warmage, see the world, NOT watch over some stupid goods.

When Lorach came back, his father made him work as a guard, but not all went well, when the caravans got attacked, well lets just say that spell didn’t just hit the attackers...

On the last trip the caravan was attacked again, and this time Lorach thought his luck had run out, no more spells left and the last big Goblin was coming straight for him, then all of a sudden out of nowhere a magic missile came flying in hitting the goblin and then another and he went down, whio was this savior... A little gnome, not the prettiest of them, and definetly not the most soft spoken, but she saved my butt that day, and boy can she talk about it, in a language that could even make the most drunk sailor bluss. Kimberly was her name and she helped me get the caravan back to Melvaunt. She told she was looking for work in the mines near Bliss, but i got the impression that it was not what she really wanted.

Father was upset again, and told me to help find the heir to the house Bruill, so he could get in their favor, and earn some prestige and wealth in Melvaunt. I really didn’t care, but could see that i better do what he said...

So i thought, that i needed some help and who better to back me up than Kimberly, so i went and asked if she would join me and this adventure, so i could pay back for her help, by geting her out of the mines and we could se the world together, maybe the world ain’t ready for us, but then who is. I like to call us beauty and the beast, but on the way to the orc ruins we have learned to live and appreciate each other, and if we end up in a tight spot, i know Kimberly will help me and i help her.

Now we are off on an adventure and no one knows where it will end.

Name: Sargas Al Zahr "The Natural"

Character: Male, Gnome, Sorcerer

Faction: Member of outsiders of Phlaan

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Regin Glob

Died at Level 3

Sargas Al Zahr is a young (in gnome years), good looking, shy but eloquent male. With a dark tan showing from his southern heritage, growing up among the Sandpeople in the Calim desert…

Sargas is still a young Gnome of only 48 years; he is small even for a gnome as he reaches only 3” 10´ or something like a 1, 10 meter in human standards weighing in at only 56 pounds.

When things sometimes get difficult, Sargas has used his childish looks to get out of trouble. In situations he has disguised himself as a human boy from his village to obscure the fact that he was around when “things happened” in the village. Saving him on occasions but also making him unpopular amongst the other boys. But his charms and well spoken words has restored their confidence in him and it seems that he has a special ability to get out of trouble and get away with it.

Sargas is a proud boy, proud of his wits, his looks (from his mothers side) and his charms and intellect (from his father), but also well aware of his flaws, his frail body structure and his incompetence to defend himself physically! As a boy he was an outsider, a Gnome in a human society, he used to spend days and night reading books about foreign countries, history, heroes and magic. Never got the hang of playing gladiators with the other human boys. He was a silent nature, drifting around in the woods and sand dunes selecting herbs, plants and small animals with his dad to create different concoctions for healing, poisons and spell components, he was even an outsider to other Gnomes, but as gnomes are pretty easy going they seldom takes much notice of others “special” lifestyles.

When Sargas once in a while leaves the nice comfort of home he often seeks out the big guys to get along with, that way they compensate for his small size and skinny arms and others are less reluctant to bully a small gnome when his ally is the brute of the town, and then brutes are often a little easier to manipulate than others and they also make great cover!

The Al Zahr family spends their whole life trying to live their lives as humans, it was very important for his father to be accepted; therefore they changed their names from the normal extremely unpronounceable names of gnomes to a short ordinary human name. Mikel Al Zahr still put a little gnomish humor in their new-taken name when he took their last name after his greatest hobby, Gambling. Al Zahr simply means gambling for the southerners of Faerun. Sargas was taught some of the cheap tricks from his dad in “how to succeed in gambling” but until now he has not shown great interest in that side of his father’s life.

Died in a spell fumble releasing the wrath of a Fireball spell killing himself outright

Name: Silwen Lantaraana

Character: Female, Elf, Druid

Faction: Warriors of Wheloon

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Christian Stenz

Retired as Level 20

Silwen is a young elven druid of only 120 years. She has green eyes and silver white hair.

She loves her animal companion, and calls them sweet names like “doggy” or “kittie” even though e.g. the latter is a 130 pound cheetah! She enjoys the company of others but is also happy by herself enjoying the company of her animals.

Being a rather fragile elf, she focuses her powers on spell casting and summoning of various animals. Her ability to shift shape is mostly used for scouting and problem solving. She is alert and focused on her surroundings, and makes a good scout. She believes in the natural balance of things and actively tries to preserve it. She loves battle and exploring, and appreciates encountering new environments and creatures. She loves the outdoors and especially the forests, dungeons aren’t her cup of tea, but she does enjoy wiping them for unnatural beings.

She is an easy going, care free girl, looking for adventures, and trying to learn experience in order to become more powerful. One of her long term goals is to reclaim the forest she grew up in, which has been taken over by raiding orcs. Then she could re-establish and protect her elven community there.

Her deity is Selune, the moon goddess, protector of wanderers and female spell casters among others, who she worships privately. Her chosen adult name is heavily inspired by Selune, meaning “Shining Maiden of the Setting Moon”.

Famous for when Silwen Draw a Card from Deck of Many Things which changed her alignment to Evil and she started on a mission to slay the Whole party. she almost succeded in whiping the Whole party out with a combination of spells and numerous summoned beasts

Name: Zulkin Wandblade

Character: Male, Elf, Wizard

Faction: Warriors of Wheloon

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Rene Thomsen

Retired as Level 20 as a famous wizard living in a Tower in Waterdeep

Zulkin Wandblade is a mature elven wizard, 127 years old. He is wearing a typical wizard outfit - a black cloak for a rainy day and a staff to easen the burden of violent encounters. He was raised by his father on a local wizard school near the town of Nimlith located on the elven island of Evermeet. He rarely talks about his childhood though so this will be the last information about his upbringing.

Zulkin has strong opinions regarding the proper handling of magic and abhor the use of magic for entertainment or villainous errands. He advocates the use for magic only in life-threatening situations and not for public entertainment. Zulkin is primarily focusing on mastering combat magic and considers it a great honor to ensure the survival of the group in dangerous situations.

By the nature of his profession, Zulkin is an invidualist who follows his own heart (and opportunities to expand his magical knowledge and abilities arising therefrom). However, he also finds comfort among the other adventurers and enjoys exploring unknown territories together with his new friends. Generally, he does not like to take orders unless it is in accordance with his own perception of the situation (which is often the right one).

For now, Zulkin's primary goal is to avenge the murder of his father committed by a Red Wizard of Thay. Throughout history, Elves at Evermeet have had numerous confrontations with the Red Wizards and now it seems that Zulkin will play an active part in this historical struggle.

Name: Strider Kelemborn

Character: Male, Human, Paladin/Ruby Knight Vindicator/Crusader

Faction: Warriors of Wheloon

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Steffan Olesen

Retired as Level 20

Born and raised in a monastery of Kelemvor because the parents was killed.

The mother only barely survived until haven given birth.

Trained in the monastery as knight to help the church when in need. And has done so on numerous occasions.

When not doing missions for his church he does adventures for him self. Not only for getting food on the table but even more for getting better equipment and skills, so that he will be even better the next time his church calls for him.

Name: Cara Luckwind

Character: Female, Human, Rogue/Cleric/Fortunes Friend

Faction: Warriors of Wheloon

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Peter Brandt Vand

Retired as Level 20 to live her Life as Ruler of a stronghold and Land plot outside Daggerford

Cara is a young woman of 21 years, with free and adventurous spirit. Daughter of Duncan the Locksmith and Tara the priest of Tymora. She loves travelling the Realms and lets Tymora’s Luck lead the way. It sometimes gets her in trouble, but somehow also gets her out again.

Her greatest pasion is curious, rare and wonderous items, and one day she wants to open a shop called ”Cara’s Curious Items”, wit the slogan what you want we got it or we will get it for you.

At the moment she is looking for a new group of friends/adventures to travel the Realms with, to new places, experience new sights and hopefully find new fantastic items. Hopefully the travels will also bring her closer to avenging her father.

With the defeat of Ashardalon, and the near death experience with Orpheus the Demon. Cara felt it was time to pursue her other interests.

She said her goodbye and see you again to her fellow Warriors of Wheloon, she then travelled back to Daggerford to set up her dream of a trading company. She used her contacts in High Forest, Waterdeep, Baldurs Gate, her fame and what ever other means was necessery. She was very succesfull and is now running a well established company.

This has off course provided her with some wealth, this she is using too make life better in Daggerford, helping the Church of Tymora, and again making/buying her way in to the council of Daggerford.

All in all Cara is living a life of wealth, travel and is still trusting in Tymora’s luck to guide her way. Her door is always open, should the others from Warriors of Whellon stop by

Name: Orkan Stonerider Thulaga

Character: Male, Goliath in Orc Body, Fighter/Barbarian/Monk/Cleric/Reaping Mauler

Faction: Warriors of Wheloon

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Regin Glob

Retired as Level 20

Arkan is a young Goliath, born in the great Mountains that separates the great desert, Anauroch from the rest of the Realms.

He often got into fights, barbrawls and street fights and sometimes in the defense of his employer, but always with the same result, the big man as the winner. But his ambitions drove him to leave his guard job and seek new fortunes.

Arkan lives a simple life as he was raised by the monks.. Arkan wants to perfectionist his wrestling skills, he dreams of greater magic to help his ambitions, fighting in great arenas, winning the greatest trophies, being the one that the Bards of the Realms will praise in their songs!

Recently he has prioritised the Monk's way of living and is cuttently persueing the simple life without any possesions or wealth at all heading toward a wow of poverty with himself.

Transformed into living his live in an Orc body and apperance his physical appearance is in constant conflict with the goodness in his soul.

After the final battle against the Red Wyvern ”Ashardalon” and the rescuing of the unborn souls, Orcan returned to the realms and Waterdeep with his friends, Cara, Silwen, Strider and Zulkin the wizard also known by commoners as the “warriors of Wheloon”.

After their return, the celebrations took seven days and seven nights and the heroes were praised by every man and woman with a word to say in Waterdeep and throughout Faerun.

After the festivities ended and “normal” returned to the heroes, each of them found that the time of “the warriors of Wheloon” had ended and each of them headed in different directions!

 Orcan returned to his work in the church of Ilmater, now as “Saint Orcan” a title that Ilmater himself, bestowed upon him for his tireless fight for the poor people, especially children, of Faerun.

Orcan put aside the wandering life, at least for a while, and took charge of the Public kitchen, his churched had fostered in Waterdeep.

2 years after the heroes returned, Orcan went south, to keep a promise to an Ilmater cleric in Baldurs Gate. He had promised to restore his church and make it flourish like he had made Ilmaters church in Waterdeep grow. And Orcan did not disappoint his new friend and made, through hard work and a little money he had left from his adventuring days, a great monument for his God!

7 years after their final battle, Orcan found himself bored in Waterdeep and it became a normal sight to find a lonely orc surrounded by a shimmering holy light, wandering the countrysides picking up a fight or two against evildoers to local farmers, and rumours are that he has even taken the long trip to Hillsfar to fight in the famous arena´s against monsters and gladiators, surely trying to save some lost souls on his way too!

Name: Grimwald Ironbeard

Character: Male, Dwarf, Fighter/Dwarven Defender

Faction: Dwarves of the Undermountain - Decendent of the Last Dwarf King

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Steffan Olesen

Retired as Level 12

Grimwald Ironbeard is a male Shield dwarf adventurer. He was born in the vicinity of Waterdeep. He started early with weapon training and joined the local militia where he studied the art of fighting even more.

Grimwald likes to fight and loves to put some evil monsters to rest. And hopes to become an even better fighter and defender in the future, both with the help of more experience and better equipment.

Found out that he was the decendent of the last Dwarven king of the Dwarf Undermountain Clan. Retired to take up the Throne and lead the Dwarf Clan towards a prosporous future

Name: Gondaral of Tyr

Character: Male, Asimar, Favored Soul

Faction: Warriors of Wheloon

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Peter Brandt Vand

Died as Level 13

Gondaral is a young man of 22 years, who follows the way of Tyr, the great lord of battles. Gondaral grew up in Malorens Rest in the shrine of Tempus, until the shrine was raised by Zhentarim troops from Darkhold, he still holds a grudge this day toward them, and will do whatever he can to stop their plans.

ondaral loves the feel of Tyrs’ favor whenever he casts his spells, especially when his spells helps in battle and helps his friends. He knows that Tyrs’ favours him and he will do all he can to return the favor and help spread the word of Tyr.

Gondaral Died in a heroic battle against an Adult White Dragon during a spell fumble  resulting in a Critical hit spell fumble with a Flamestrike on himself taking close to a hundred Hit Point in Damage

Name: Stilian Stealth

Character: Male, Human, Fighter/Beguiler/Evoker

Faction: Warriors of Wheloon

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Regin Glob

Died as Level 9

Stilian Stealth is a young male human turning 20 next year. A complicated boy who shines when no one expects it and who has an irritating habit of screwing things up as soon as they are obvious. He gets involved in the encounters and often seeks out the weakest opponents  as “week opponents also has to go down”. He is a “jack of many trades”, he can fight like a warrior, cast spells of confusion and charm and he certainly has a weakness for collecting stuff. There are not many rules that he cannot bend to suit him and his needs. Stilian is a funny guy even though I´m not sure he really wants to be.  He would like to be taken seriously, but somehow always screws up when he has the chance.

He is on a search for his true deity, the God that can fill the empty part in his soul, he really would like to believe but he never feels that they are there when he really needs some help (maybe he expects just a little too much).

Stilian Stealth enjoys life especially after becoming a part of a group, but he also hates the strains that group matters puts on him. Stilian enjoys beer, bar games and barmaids, he enjoys life

Stilian died in the hands of an evil wizard and his Toad flying Mount - releasing his two wands of Fireball directly at him and missing his save

Name: Hob of Tymora

Character: Male, Halfling, Fighter/Rogue/Cleric

Faction: Warriors of Wheloon

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Bjarke Thorsen

Retired as Level 5

The Character Hob was played by our former member Bjarke Thorsen - who died tradigcally in a car accident

1. april 2011  37 years old.

May he rest in peace.

Name: Thoar

Character: Male, Half-Elf, Knight

Faction: Adventures of Wintersbane

Game: D&D 3.5

Player: Thomas Greve

Died as Level 3

Thoar died tragically in a steep fall down a deep well inside an old Citadel in a quest to defeat a old mad Druid. The Citadel was located in a rift just south of the Northmost Mountains in Silver Marches.

Name: Karosh Kroul

Character: Male Half-Orc, Fighter

Background: Soldier

Faction: Secret

Game: D&D 5.0

Player: Christian Stenz

Retired as Level 4

Karosh Kroul retired after finding his long lost sister Tawar kroul in the Upper Underdark trade city of Mantol-Derith. Karosh helped the Deep Gnomes of Silver Marches reclaiming the Underdark Gnome City of Blingdenstone and find the rightfull Heir to the Gnome Kingdom. Karosh lives today in Silverymoon helping his sister running the Ale-House.

Name: Perian Hilltopple

Character: Male Halfling, Ranger

Background: Outlander

Faction: Secret

Game: D&D 5.0

Player: Peter Brandt Vand

Died as Level 7

Perian Hilltopple died during the great campaign against the Cult of dragon in " The Hoard of The dragon queen". When the Group found themselves high above the ground in a Cloud Giants flying Skyreach Castle batteling two Red wizards of Thay, Rezmir the Half-Black Dragon , numerous Cultists and two Stone Giants. Perian Fought bravely to the end trying to save his Fellow Halfling Friend Paenis. But the resistance turned out to be to Fierce and Perian died to numerous hits from a stone Giants Great Club but only after almost mortally injuring the Stone Giant

Name: Zo Ra Kulzu (former Paenis Peckarhead)

Character: Male Halfling, Warlock/Rogue

Background: Criminal

Faction: Zhentarim

Game: D&D 5.0  - Rise of Tiamat Campaign

Player: Regin Glob

Died at Level 16 in a Total Party Kill

Male halfling Warlock, utility-jack of many trades.  Paenis was raised as an orphan, he was left on the doorstep to a Halfling home. He himself is a Halfling but he has some strange unhalfling traits. His skin is reddish and there is also a red glow to his eyes, even his hair is flaming red which is seldom in itself for Halflings. But his mannerism and polite behavior often makes a strong first impression and breaks down most doubters. Paenis is his name, for now. Actually no one knows his real name and he change his name when he finds it suitable, but to the people he travels with he will be Paenis. It is a sport to Paenis to keep track of things. He is a cartographer, he writes down things he meet and sees, and he keeps a sharp notice of his name changing to avoid “mistakes” from  one city to another.

Until now this namechanging thing has´nt been noticed by many but as he comes around in the world he expects it to be a challenging part of his carrier to keep track of his namewandering! The real secret to his names are that he chooses them “wisely” meaning that he likes to build them around some kind of swear words as he finds it funny himself but also because he finds it easier to mingle around people as they see him as an innocent/ridiculous nuisance and they spent time to see through his cover before it is too late…

Zo Ra Kulzu served his parton a Pit fiend called Kulzu of the first layer of Nine Hells (Avernus). He was also revealed by Brother Ezren (his fellow adventure friend) as the responsible for the theft of a Relic from Lathander Temple in Beregost and the murder of a High Priest in Waterdeep. Zo ra Kulzu was the owner of The Raging Lion Inn in Waterdeep and a rising member of Zhentarim. He was responsible for Zhentarims aquisition of two strongholds in the Sword Coast (one in Serpent Hills and one in Mere of Dead Men)

Was member of "Tiamats Bane" a heroic group of adventures which was assigned by The Council of Waterdeep to try to prevent the Cult of Dragon and it leader Severin and their allies in summoning Tiamat from Nine Hells to Faerun through a portal in Well of Dragons. They also took great part in laying out the War strategy for the joint armies of the God side.

Unfortunately they failed to defeat Tiamat as they entered Tiamats Temple in Well of Dragons using Wind Walk magic. This magic caused that first 10 rounds in the temple was used to manifest themselves from the uncorporeal Wind Walk form. During this Time Severin wearing the Mask  of The Dragon Queen and his ally Rath Modar and the Red Wizards completed the Ritual to Summon Timat. Tiamat entered Faerun in full Strength as a full born Goddess of uncomparable power. Zo Ra Kulzu was slain by revieving numerous dragon Breaths.

Name: Brother Ezren of Lathander

Character: Male Human, Cleric

Background: Acolyte

Faction: Brotherhood of Lathander, "The Song of the Morning" Temple

Game: D&D 5.0 - Rise of Tiamat Campaign

Player: Peter Brandt Vand

Died at Level 16 in a Total Party Kill

Brother Ezren is a Cleric of Lathander the Morning Lord dedicated to the Life Domain. Brother Ezren has served and is still a part of the Brotherhood in "The Song of The Morning" - one of the greatest Lathander Temples in the Sword Coast Region.

Being a Priest from Lathander Temple in Beregost, Brother Ezren was on a quest to recover a stolen Relic from the Temple. Later he discovered the Relic was stolen by his fellow Adventure Party member Zo Ra Kulzu, who was asked to do this by his Patron a Pit Fiend from first Layer of Nine Hells

Was member of "Tiamats Bane" a heroic group of adventures which was assigned by The Council of Waterdeep to try to prevent the Cult of Dragon and it leader Severin and their allies in summoning Tiamat from Nine Hells to Faerun through a portal in Well of Dragons. They also took great part in laying out the War strategy for the joint armies of the God side.

Unfortunately they failed to defeat Tiamat as they entered Tiamats Temple in Well of Dragons using Wind Walk magic. This magic caused that first 10 rounds in the temple was used to manifest themselves from the uncorporeal Wind Walk form. During this Time Severin wearing the Mask  of The Dragon Queen and his ally Rath Modar and the Red Wizards completed the Ritual to Summon Timat. Tiamat entered Faerun in full Strength as a full born Goddess of uncomparable power. Brother Ezren was slain by revieving numerous dragon Breaths.

Name: Beiro Liadon

Character: Male High Elf, Wizard

Background: Hermit

Faction: The Harpers

Game: D&D 5.0  - Rise of Tiamat Campaign

Player: Rene Thomsen

Died at Level 16 in a Total Party Kill

Was member of "Tiamats Bane" a heroic group of adventures which was assigned by The Council of Waterdeep to try to prevent the Cult of Dragon and it leader Severin and their allies in summoning Tiamat from Nine Hells to Faerun through a portal in Well of Dragons. They also took great part in laying out the War strategy for the joint armies of the God side.

Unfortunately they failed to defeat Tiamat as they entered Tiamats Temple in Well of Dragons using Wind Walk magic. This magic caused that first 10 rounds in the temple was used to manifest themselves from the uncorporeal Wind Walk form. During this Time Severin wearing the Mask  of The Dragon Queen and his ally Rath Modar and the Red Wizards completed the Ritual to Summon Timat. Tiamat entered Faerun in full Strength as a full born Goddess of uncomparable power. Beiro was slain by revieving numerous dragon Breaths.

Name: Darin Dolgirn

Character: Male Mountain Dwarf, Fighter/War Cleric of Torm

Background: Soldier

Faction: Order of the Gauntlet

Game: D&D 5.0  - Rise of Tiamat Campaign

Player: Christian Stenz

Died at Level 16 in a Total Party Kill

Was member of "Tiamats Bane" a heroic group of adventures which was assigned by The Council of Waterdeep to try to prevent the Cult of Dragon and it leader Severin and their allies in summoning Tiamat from Nine Hells to Faerun through a portal in Well of Dragons. They also took great part in laying out the War strategy for the joint armies of the God side.

Unfortunately they failed to defeat Tiamat as they entered Tiamats Temple in Well of Dragons using Wind Walk magic. This magic caused that first 10 rounds in the temple was used to manifest themselves from the uncorporeal Wind Walk form. During this Time Severin wearing the Mask  of The Dragon Queen and his ally Rath Modar and the Red Wizards completed the Ritual to Summon Timat. Tiamat entered Faerun in full Strength as a full born Goddess of uncomparable power.

Darin Dolgirn was slain as the last creature standing. In his last Heroic act fighting Tiamat alone he delivered a critical hit to the god and inflicted lot of damage. But the fight was a lost cause and Darin died in the claws of Timat

Name: Hadarai Xiloscient

Character: Male Human, Druid

Background: Bounty Hunter

Faction: The Emerald Enclave

Game: D&D 5.0  - Rise of Tiamat Campaign

Player: Steffan Olesen

Died at Level 16 in a Total Party Kill

Was member of "Tiamats Bane" a heroic group of adventures which was assigned by The Council of Waterdeep to try to prevent the Cult of Dragon and it leader Severin and their allies in summoning Tiamat from Nine Hells to Faerun through a portal in Well of Dragons. They also took great part in laying out the War strategy for the joint armies of the God side.

Unfortunately they failed to defeat Tiamat as they entered Tiamats Temple in Well of Dragons using Wind Walk magic. This magic caused that first 10 rounds in the temple was used to manifest themselves from the uncorporeal Wind Walk form. During this Time Severin wearing the Mask  of The Dragon Queen and his ally Rath Modar and the Red Wizards completed the Ritual to Summon Timat. Tiamat entered Faerun in full Strength as a full born Goddess of uncomparable power. Hadarai was slain by revieving numerous dragon Breaths.

Name: Laucian Stardust

Character: Male Half-Elf, Bard


Faction: None

Game: D&D 5.0 - The Reign of Tiamat (DM created Campagin extending The Rise of Tiamat campaign)

Player: Steffan Olesen

Retired at Level 17. Retired after Killng the God Tiamat and freeing Faerun from the Tiamats Dragon Lands. Became a known Hero of the Realm

Was member of the second "Tiamats Bane II" group A very diverse an uhomongeous but heroic group of adventures which was assigned by The Council of Waterdeep to try to fight Tiamat from Nine Hells in an epic battle in her temple in Well of Dragons. This group succeeded in what the previous "Tiamats Bane" Group failed to achieve.

What came to pass with Laucian:

Settled in Waterdeep and created "Stardust Musical College". A music school which was recognized by younger and aspiring Bards who traveled to especially hear the stories and songs of the group "Tiamats Bane II" acomplishments. Specially also to hear the legendary "Hymth of Stardust". A song on how the final battle and Tiamats death process and Laucian Stardust " crucial "role in the fight.

Name: Red Eye" Jim Duggan

Character: Male Human, Tempest Cleric / Fighter


Faction: None

Game: D&D 5.0 - The Reign of Tiamat (DM created Campagin extending The Rise of Tiamat campaign)

Player: Regin Glob

Retired at Level 17. Retired after Killng the God Tiamat and freeing Faerun from the Tiamats Dragon Lands. Became a known Hero of the Realm

Was member of the second "Tiamats Bane II" group A very diverse an uhomongeous but heroic group of adventures which was assigned by The Council of Waterdeep to try to fight Tiamat from Nine Hells in an epic battle in her temple in Well of Dragons. This group succeeded in what the previous "Tiamats Bane" Group failed to achieve.

What came to pass with Jim Duggan:

Reportedly returned back to Calisham and The South with his lover Kira. He was last seen riding away on his War elephant out of the south gate in Water Deep. Incidentally, the same night as the outbreak of a major fire on "The Raging Lion Inn". The inn which until then had served as a gathering place for "Tiamats Bane II". The Inn Keeper was found dead in the flames without his head and tescticles. The rumor on the street also said that Kira was going to be with child although Jim and she were not married.

Name: Sir Belkas Shieldheart

Character: Male Half Elf, Paladin

Loyal Henchman: Sir Lester Shieldmaker, Male Half Elf Paladin

Background: Noble of Waterdeep

Faction: None

Game: D&D 5.0 - The Reign of Tiamat (DM created Campagin extending The Rise of Tiamat campaign)

Player: Rene Thomsen

Sir Belkas Retired at Level 17. Lester was killed in the final Battle with Tiamat.

Sir Belkas Retired after Killng the God Tiamat and freeing Faerun from the Tiamats Dragon Lands. Became a known Hero of the Realm

Was member of the second "Tiamats Bane II" group A very diverse an uhomongeous but heroic group of adventures which was assigned by The Council of Waterdeep to try to fight Tiamat from Nine Hells in an epic battle in her temple in Well of Dragons. This group succeeded in what the previous "Tiamats Bane" Group failed to achieve.

What came to pass with Sir Belkas and Sir Lester:

The noble paladin became a welknown citizen of Waterdeep and retreated to his family mansion in Waterdeep. Sir Belkas brought great honor to the Shieldheart family name and his faithful follower Sir Lester was ressurected at a major ceremony in Waterdeep. Sir Lester also got great honor and by Sir Belkas own words: "He had been a key factor in the Group's success". The rumor on the street has it, that Sir Belkas eventually became one of the Secret Lords of Waterdeep.

Name: Vargas Tenebris

Character: Male Human, Monk/Assasin

Background: Criminal

Faction: Zhentarim

Game: D&D 5.0 - The Reign of Tiamat (DM created Campagin extending The Rise of Tiamat campaign)

Player: Peter Brandt Vand

Vargas Tenebris Retired at Level 17.

Retired after Killng the God Tiamat and freeing Faerun from the Tiamats Dragon Lands. Became a known Hero of the Realm

Was member of the second "Tiamats Bane II" group A very diverse an uhomongeous but heroic group of adventures which was assigned by The Council of Waterdeep to try to fight Tiamat from Nine Hells in an epic battle in her temple in Well of Dragons. This group succeeded in what the previous "Tiamats Bane" Group failed to achieve.

What came to pass with Vargas Tenebris:

The rightfull owner of the "Raging Lion Inn" in Waterdeep which he also arranged as a secret hideout for Zhentarim organisation. Oddly enough, he chose never to rebuild the inn after the fire and he left Waterdeep shortly after. Suposely only with the clothes he was wearing and with his sword in his hand (A short Sword which was the legendary Relic "Godsbane" from the Time of Troubles who used to contain Cyrics avatar. A sword he used against Tiamat in the final Battle). Before Vargas left, his name had been involved in a series of mysterious deaths in the streets around the inn in the northeastern part of Waterdeep. But it was never investigated and the rumour was regarded as evil tongues, as Vargas was indeed percieved a folk hero. Later, his former group member Sir Belkas stated in public, that he had been concerned for a long time for Vargas state of mind and that he was  paranoid and treated his sword he had found in Castle Darkhold as a living companion.

Long time after Vargas name appeared in local stories from Cormyr. Tales of Vargas who claimed that Vargas had taken a significant position in the top of the Zhentarim organization and had become Ruler of Darkhold Keep.

Name: Almus Sumdar

Character: Male Half Elf, Storm Sorcerer



Game: D&D 5.0 - The Reign of Tiamat (DM created Campagin extending The Rise of Tiamat campaign)

Player: Christian Stenz

Almus Sumdar retired at Level 17.

Retired after Killng the God Tiamat and freeing Faerun from the Tiamats Dragon Lands. Became a known Hero of the Realm

Was member of the second "Tiamats Bane II" group A very diverse an uhomongeous but heroic group of adventures which was assigned by The Council of Waterdeep to try to fight Tiamat from Nine Hells in an epic battle in her temple in Well of Dragons. This group succeeded in what the previous "Tiamats Bane" Group failed to achieve.

What came to pass with Almus Sumdar:

Disappeared from Warterdeep. Nobody knows when he really disappeared or where to. His disappearance sparked a major diplomatic crisis between the Dwarves of Mithral Hall and Water Deep officials. This was mainly due to his disappearance in fact coincided with the disappearance of the Crystal Shard  from the dwarf king's custody. This was while the Royal dwarf delegation participated in the 10 Council, where Almus was also represented. It was later confirmed that Almus Sumdar in the final battle against Tiamat was the bearer of two legendary unique relics with supreme power: The "Staff of Magi", which the group retrieved from the Librarian from Candlekeep. But also the once lost "Crystal Shard" borrowed by the Dwarf King of Mithral Hall. The latter he at least on one occasion used to create the Crystal Tower and summon both Drow, Duegar and Cave Trolls to serve him.

Several years later his name appeared in connection with a major battle in Northern Silver Marches. Here he was said to be the ultimate General of a major army of orcs, ogres, goblins and giants. All controlled from a tall green crystal tower in the mountains. His army finally confronted a joint Dwarven armyof the North in what became known as "the 50-day Blood Battle". Almus Sumdar was after this stripped from all titles in Waterdeep and named "the evil conquerer" a treat towards the free people. Unfortunately his body was never found among the dead on the battle-ground

Name: Fenbus Kellen Beren Ningel Boddynock Waywocket

Character:  Male Forest Gnome, Fighter Eldritch Knight

Background: Criminal

Faction: Unknown

Deity: Tymora

Game: D&D 5.0 Rage of Demons Out of The Abyss campaign

Player: Peter Brandt Vand

Fenbus died at Level 5

Fenbus grew in a small gnome village in the forests south of Waterdeep. His parents Fonkin & Ellywick raised Fenbus in a free fashion, letting him make his own experiences in life. Fenbus loved his parents & the village, but was always curious to see more of the world and meet other races, just experience it all. Fenbus' wish came through in an unfortunately fashion, one day when Fenbus was out exploring, he got a little to close to the high road, and was caught by a group of high way robbers & smugglers. They were ready to get rid of him, but Fenbus used his good wits & convinced them, that he could be usefull to them, and they gave him a chance to prove himself. At first he was treated like a prisoner, but when the highway robbers, found out about his natural ability to cast minor illusions, they saw a lot of possibilities. He quickly found his place in the group, and was mostly used as a decoy and later as a smuggler to get the stolen goods into the cities for sale. It was on one of these trips that Fenbus found his hat, his prized possession. Fenbus enjoyed the life as a free spirit, and was happy in camp.

One of the robbers was an old man, Filibus, who knew a little magic, and he tought Fenbus some rudimentary things about the Arcane, he became a mentor and Fenbus’ best friend and a father figure for Fenbus. Fenbus was trained as a fighter, in case something went wrong, so he could defend himself, but the arcane keept fascinating him. He promised himself that one day he would learn more.

One night the camp was attacked by Drow Elves, they overwhelmed the camp and slaughtered most also Fililbus, and Fenbus swore that if he could get revenge, he would take it,  the rest, like Fenbus was taking down into the Underdark. Worst was that his hat was gone…..

In the Underdark Fenbus has teamed up with a group of adventurers who had fallen in the same situation. Fenbus is still looking for a new hat, but most everything is grey, dull in the Underdark there are no colours or much variation. We really need to get back to the surface…..

Fenbus has aquired a new sword "Dawnbringer" she is, his new best friend, would still like a new hat, but everything is grey and dark. It needs some light........

Fenbus was part of the Party imprisioned and trying to escape in the Underdark from Drows and as Things developed also Demons and Demons Lords. He died facing the Demon Lord Zugtmoy in the remote and legendary place of Neverlight Grove. At the time of death his best friend and beloved one was the Sentient and intilligent sword by the name "Dawnbringer"

Name: Rhovanor Baequianea "Wilderness blessed by the night"

Character: Male Wood-Elf, Ranger

Background: Outlander

Faction: Unknown

Deity: Rillifane Rallathil

Game: D&D 5.0 Rage against Demons Campaign

Player: Christian Stenz

Rhovandor Died at Level 11

Rhovanor Baequianea "Wilderness blessed by the night" Ugliest creature in the Underdark!

Rhovanor was found in the forests by a ranger group. The boy was burnt, wounded and almost dead. The rest of the small wood elf community he was part of had been slaughtered by a raiding party. Big old Ben Tree Hudder, the groups leader, saved Rhovanors life, but Rhovanor was scarred and marked for life, and not a nice thing to look apon.

The rangers tracked the raiding party and found an entry to the Underdark. Wanting to investigate the unsettling appearance of a raiding party from the Underdark, they wandered the tunnels for some hours but could not find anything.

Rhovanor joined the small group of rangers. The group traveled far and about, helping the many villages in the wilderness against threats. Ben educated Rhovanor in the ways of the ranger, and Rhovanor quickly learned the basic stuff. He interest in the Underdark grew, wanting to investigate and possibly punish the killers of his community.

Often he would argue intensely for the group to explore the Underdark, and persue any creature down there that would reach the surface. The hideous appearance of Rhovanor often startled people and he became accustomed with wearing a dark hood at all times. Not many people treated him kindly at first sight, but his groups services were always welcomed. The few encounters with elven societies never made him fell welcome or at home, and he prefered the small ranger group he was part of.

They named him Rhovanor Baequianea "Wilderness blessed by the night" at a small ceremony. Wilderness for the ranger life he persued, and blessed by the night for his unfortunate origin, his interests in the Underdark, his dark mood at times, but also as a private joke for the blessing of concealment the night would give him. A joke only accepted in the comfort of the small group, otherwise it would have meant a challenge til death!

One day while hunting through the tunnels of the Underdark the group found themselves surprised by a drow patrol. A fierce fight followed, several of his fellows where slain, as well as many drow elves. Rhovanor stood his ground, but suddenly he felt a sting and a burn in his leg, the damn drow elves poison arrows.

He woke in a cellar with several other adventurers. They made an escape, but are hunted, searching for a way to the surface.

The many signs of something very wrong in the Underdark deeply concerns him.

Rhovanor never learned much magic, but has recently made contact with a nature spirit, who has become his companion. It helps him and manifests when the need is biggest.

Rhovanor hopes to find some of his lost friends alive in the vast tunnels of the Underdark, but that hope is slowly diminishing.

Rhovandor was member of the group called "Lords of the Underdark"

He died on an epic mission to save humanity from the invasion of the Demon lords.  Rhovandor was known to not have fear of anything. This prowed together with his old friend and Mentor "Ben the Brave", when both died in a challenge with the evil Demon Lord Yeenoghu - the god of gnolls. They fell for the Demons Lords vicerous flail which crushed them both and Yeenoghu's Gnoll pack feasted of Bens body. When the Brother Avery - the Priest in the party - finally got to take care of Rhovandor it was to late.

Name: Caius Moonwhisper

Character: Male Half-Elf Paladin

Background: Urban Bounty Hunter

Alignment: Chaotic-Good

Faction: Unknown

Deity: Selune

Game: D&D 5.0 The Black Orb - Revenge of the Lord of Bones

Player: Steffan H. Olesen

Killed at level 8

Caius was born in Baldurs Gate by his half-elf mother and human father. They were part of the high society and life was good and blessed - not missing a thing. But in his 10'th year of life his parents were killed by a group of thieves led by a one eye human who called himself Rovan One Eye. Before his mother was killed Rovan raped her in front of Caius. Rovan and the group left Cauis for dead, but the nanny Xanaphia rescued him, and the following years Caius was then raised by his nanny Xanaphia an elver priestes of Selune. She became like a mentor and mother for him. The only thing Caius has to remember his parents by is his mothers necklace, which he treasures where much.


When Caius turned 20, he became a bounty hunter for a living. Trying to avenge his parents and people of high society safer. For many years he has hunted and killed criminals for bounties in many larger cities around Faerun.

And always hoping to finally find Rovan One Eye and make him pay for his sins.


But often he returns to Baldurs Gate to meet Xanaphia. She has always tried to broaden Caius' mind and show him that there is more to life that avenging his parents.


Caius died in a battle against a huge skeletal dragon (Dracolich) when it sent its lightning breath weapon against him. He died on the battlefield in front of Durlags Tower. the Dracolich was sent out to slay specifically him and the Knight Ulfgar as both declined to join Dargoth Undeadbringer and his cause in raising a huge undead sskeleton army using an artifact called the Black Orb.


Caius Moonwhisper is going all in in the search for his parents murderers, Rovan One eye and his band of killers. Therefore he has asked for help from friends and allies around the area of Amn.

Only the dwarves of the Kazzarak clan agreed to send "a very special and talented cleric of Moradin".

But Caius is a man on a mission and he keeps searching for adventurers who seeks fame and fortune. It so happens that one day as he takes a walk in downtown Baldurs gate he is pickpocketed by a young male. Caius, a holy man is just about to seek justice on the young man and turn him over to the cityguard, when a shreved plan forms in his head. He offers the young man an oppurtunity to make amends. To catch a rogue you need a rogue, and that was one offer the young "lender" could not reject, a partnership between Caius and Quilin Quickfinger had seen the day.

Later one day, one of Caius' contacts could bring news of a travelling circus with a great variety of artists, young adventurers with great skills. Caius took contact as he had an idea that his party needed as much divercity as possible but also someone a little inqocnito around town and so, he thought he had developed a perfect party to find his parents murderers. He had to pay a lot of money, almost all he had left, to pay the circus for loosing some of their talented artists, the munk who breaks bricks with his bare hands and the great illusionist.

But Caius cared little for money, he only saw revenge, anf he was sure that he had found the right constellation of heroes to fight his war.

Oh yeah, an adventure was about to start for Caius's bastards, but what kind, nobody expected what was about to happen, least of all the dwarf as he was never invited to the party gathering, he was politely asked to stay outside town to take care of his donkey, Boe......

.... and thus was the MOONWHISPERS group was formed. By the unlikely companionship of a Half-Elf Paladin, a Mountain Dwarf joined by a Noble Rogue. Merging with two companions from a travelling Circus: A Monk and an Illusionist. All embarked on Caius mission to revenge and kill Rovan One Eye. Or at least find a meaning in the Chaos and in their own lives as well...

However the Short term needs often sets a long term vision aside. So the first task for the Moonwhispers was to make a earn for the living.

Luckily with the charismatic appreance and diplomatic tongue of Caius, the Moonwhispers manage to get hired by the merchant  shop “Sorcerous Sundries” in Baldurs Gate, which is owned by the Mage Rivalen Blackhand. The shop specializes in arcane supplies, potions, scrolls and even magic items.

The characters was hired together with a Human wizard named Roland, his smaller beautiful sister the human female rogue Enna and a proud and stubborn Human Knight Ulfgar Silversword. Relatively fast Caius took the opportunity to formally onboard the three in the Moonwhispers group.

Now all eight currently as hired mercenaries to ensure the safety of the trade caravan travelling along Uldoon trail going to Berdusk. The Sorcerous Sundries company always use the Uldoon trail to avoid the northern trail through the Fields of the Dead, which they believe is more risky as they pass The Troll Claws.

The adventure starts on the caravan travelling along Uldoon trail under the leadership of Rivalen Blackhands shop manager - the human mage Gilligunn

- watching out for the sorroundings but also passing time by talking in order to get to know the three newest additions to the team better…………..

Name: Gruff Vohnkar Grimcleaver

Character: Male Mountaindwarf, Cleric/Fighter of Moradin

Background: Acolyte - customised

Alignment: Lawful-Good

Faction: Dwarven Clan of Karxarrak - but now hermit

Deity: Moradin

Game: D&D 5.0 The Black Orb - Revenge of the Lord of Bones

Player: Regin Glob

Retired at level 16

It was a very late night in the "Bellow inn" deep in the cloud peaks mountain range.

Morgran Grimcleaver wealthy butcher of the Kazzarek clan and strong follower of Moradin, had had a fair amount of too much, dwarven strong-ale.

He was the last guest and the barkeeper politely asked him to leave.

As he left "Bellow inn" he  felt sad and lonely. That was when he "got lucky". A woman, of some sort, he couldn't care less, made moves on him, and he decided to go with the flow and invited jer home.

When he sobered up the next day he realised that he had shared a night with a Mongrel woman. He threw her out on the doorstep hoping that none had seen his "mistake". But in Clan Kazzarak nothing goes unnoticed and this was no exception. The other clan members took distance to Morgran, as they had problems accepting his lack of control.

A few months passed as the mongrel woman shoved up on Morgrans doorstep, pregnant.

That was way more than the dwarf could handle, the embarrassment was to much. He realised how he had disgraced his name and the clan and he ended his days hanging from a rope by his own hands.

The mongrel woman "Immer" lived in the streets and the outskirts of clan Kazzaraks stronghold, not accepted by the dwarves who felt ashamed of what a clan member had done, so they put out food for her when they thought nobody was watching.

She gave birth to a strong dwarven boy with some Mongrel traits. The boy was born without a tongue and had no language, the only thing he really said was something that sounded like Gruff, so thats what She called him, Gruff Grimcleaver after his dad. The boy also lacked the lower part of his right leg, from the knee and down.

Immer had no high standards for living, she digged through other peoples trash, she hardly never washed and she wore the same set of clothes, always. She was a mess and so was Gruff. Noone wanted to be close to the pair, they actually had the ability to shun others.

Still they were allowed in Clan Kazzarak due to Gruffs family bond.

Immer and Gruff lived together for 40 years until one day, Immer slipped into a tube where she was searching for food and other goodies. She fell and broke her neck.

Now Gruff was alone.

The dwarves still felt they had a responsibility for the Mongrel dwarf and especially the church of Moradin felt a need to help the boy as Morgran Grimcleaver was a great benefactor to the church. But it was not an easy thing to adopt Gruff. He had no standards at all, he was smelly and disgusting and the other acolytes denied to work with him. The priests tried to see if they could make a butcher out of him, like his father, but except for a fantastic flair with the cleaver, he was almost closing down the buthershop as nobody wanted to get near as long as Gruff and his low hygiene standards was there.

The priests were desperat, and high priest Kargaz asked Moradin for advice.

His God answered that he had no time for petty problems like that. But High priest Kargaz kept praying and praying and finally Moradin answered "I will let Gruff Grimcleaver become one of my priests and he shall be as able as any priest even though he lacks the ability of speak, teach him what you can and send him out in the world to find a holy relic of mine, tell him he can't return without one". High priest Kargaz thanked his God for listening and helping and asked how the could repay his help , and the god answered "I will let you understand that it has consequences to disturb your God like that". It is said that bed linen in the church of Moradin in clan Kazzarak smelled forever as bad as Gruff, no matter how much it was washed or renewed.

The priests prepared Gruff for his mission, making him a wooden leg with a metal piece as foot so he can fight with it, they gave him extra cleavers and a shield, armor and a holy symbol that they welded into the shield crest and finally they made him a book with doctrines so that he would always remember rights and wrongs if he got lost.

The last thing he got before heading out on his mission was a donkey, named Boe. Then he left Kazzarak.

Gruff Stinking odor

Gruff create a 5-foot-radius sphere of, nauseating

smell centred on himself. The odor spreads around corners.

Each creature that is completely within the 5 feet radius (i.e. tiny, small or medium creatures) , must at the start of its turn make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw against the foul smell. On a failed save, the creature has disadvantage on ability checks and attacks for the rest of the turn and as long as it remains within the radius. Creatures that don't need to breathe or do not have a smell automatically succeed on this saving throw.

A moderate wind (at least 10 miles per hour) or strong wind (at least 20 miles per hour) negates this effect

Gruff is immune to the effect.

Wooden Peg Leg

Gruff can use a bonus action to make an extra kick attack using STR modifier. On a successful hit target takes 1d6 in bludgeoning damage.

Walking speed is reduced to 20 feet

Disadvantage vs. checks and saves on getting prone

Disadvantage on stealth checks


In an old ruin, not that far from the fast growing city of Uldoon, in the center of the old forest called Wood of Sharp Teeth. A lonely dwarf has taken residence in an abandoned elven ruin formerly dedicated to the elven god Corellon, that has been deserted for many years. This ruin played a big part in one of the western Heartlands major events about the black orb and the return of Myrkul.

An unlikely hero, with his scruffy looks, peg legged and mute. None ever expected him to be part of anything grandeur. The dwarf retreated to a life of some solitude in these old ruins, determined to make the place respectable again for the sake of history and for his love of old craftmanship.

Still he kept a secret contact with his old smithing company partner in Uldoon Blacksmith Barley, who kept providing provisions and steel supply to the old temple.

Every day he kept working on the old temple, he kept it all in the same style as the previous builder, properly elves and dwarves, had made it in the first place. He worked every day, same routine, repeatedly
- he was tireless. The only place where he created something from his own imagination was in the old death dragons cave. At the end of every day, he returned to that cave where the bone dragon had been as they first ventured into these ruins.

This place he formed into a colossal temple room in the honor of Moradin. It was the least he could do ti honor his omnipresent deity.

None was ever invited to see this magnificent temple, he kept it all to himself behind hidden doors and nasty traps concealed in floors with pointy spikes waiting for an unwelcome intruder wring step. There were traps in the walls and loosened boulders in the ceiling, just waiting to be unleashed on the unwary.

He did not expect intruders, he mostly created them for fun, and sometimes he remade them to be even nastier. Once he got caught in his own trap and barely survived a boulder released from great height in a moment of thoughtlessness.

Sometimes his old partner from Uldoon had a special request on some marvelous hinges for a rich mans front door, and he would build the most fantastic crafted door pieces, often he would create much more than asked for, but to him it was art, and that was how he worked.

The only visitors he would ever get was his old travelling buddies, Kharsus, Sir Conrad and Bouw. He was very glad that Quillin never found time to show for their reunions as he was quite sure that Quillin would have a difficult time to keep his hands in his pockets, and Gruff, the dwarf, also was afraid that his ”friend” and travelling companion from back then would have a hard time not to tell everyone about Gruffs hideout.

Still, the dwarf had a thing he had a hard time to deal with. Raised without much guidance he had a difficult time to finish issues that he was uncertain of how to handle and he had an old problem from his travelling days, the loss of his acolyte Gomori. He was lost on the shadowfell in a very odd way, lost in a spell called teleport. It was the only time in life that someone had asked Gruff to take a responsibility to someone else, a father role of some kind, and he blew it big time. Gruff had no tools in his very sparsely filled toolbox of feelings and situational flare. So instead of returning to his old priesthood and Dwarven Clan in Kazzarak, he stayed hidden, away from a devastated mother, Maybe a wrath of unheard proportions, he would never know. He had taken on dragons, ghosts, all kinds of undeads and even a god’s avatar, but the wrath of a mother was simply too much for Gruff to comprehend.

He asked his god for forgiveness of his cowardice every day for the rest of his life.

Name: Karsus Thantul

Character: Male Human, Wizard Extraordinaire

Background: Entertainer

Alignment: Chaotic-Good

Faction: The Harpers

Deity: Leira

Game: D&D 5.0 The Black Orb - Revenge of the Lord of Bones

Player: Peter Vand Brandt

Retired at level 15

Karsus Thantul grew up in a travelling circus, owned by his parents. His father Thelamount was the impressarior and his mother was the famous illusionist Elvina the Magnificent.

So Karsus’ grew up, all over the sword coast, as the circus travelled from town to town. Karsus helped his mother with her act, and she soon discovered that Karsus had talent for magic, so she learned him the basics of magic. He got his own little show in the circus, and was called Karsus Wizard Extraordinaire. Karsus loved the circus, loved travelling the Sword Coast.

Elvina wanted the best for her son, and knew that in Baldur’s Gate lived her uncle, who was a better magician than her self, and she urged karsus to go to Baldur Gate and learn from him. Karsus wanted to learn more magic, but didn’t want to live in an old tower, he wasn’t finished seeing Faerun. But he said yes to his mother and left for Baldurs Gate, hoping that some the friends he had meet when travelling with the circus, would be there, so he could go adventuring with them, instead of living with her uncle.


Kharsus had a difficult time after the final battle against Myrkul, he almost died to the god of death, and looked death in the eyes, quite a disturbing experience. 

At first he thought about Laeral’s offer about lordship and so on, but quickly changed his mind. No, with all the death and suffering, he felt the need to do something else, something fun and something good, and do it his way, probably not something Quilin would understand, but Conrad, Bouw and Gruff would understand him. So he asked Laeral and the Harpers for a small safehouse in Waterdeep, and help to get the old circus running again, and they found the idea great, that way they could get a Harper agent travelling freely across the Sword Coast and help find knowledge and help people on the way

Kharsus started looking for people with extra ordinaire talents like himself, and rebuild the old circus again. This time the Circus travelled the sword coast, and entertained people everywhere they went, and often they went where people needed help, and where the Harpers needed assistance.

He was offered a higher position within the organisation, but that didn’t interrest him, no he wanted to help and most of all entertain and make people happy.

He tried to travel through Uldoon as often as possible so he could visit Bouw, and hear all about the new herbs he had grown, and entertain the small halfling monks he trained, sometimes Bouw went along with the circus for old time sake, or when Kharsus needed help with a difficult task.

He also visited Gruff in the old temple, even invited him along the circus, but Gruff just wanted to stay and work in the temple, so Kharsus tried to stop by and cheer him up when possible. He knew Gruff had a hard time cooping with the loss of Gomori. Kharsus had the same guilt about Kharvil, so he had taken on an apprentice to write about the circus, and teach him about the wonders of Illusions.

Kharsus was now, living the life he wanted, entertaining people, helping the good cause of the Harpers, visiting friends, all the good things in life.

Name: Bouw Landers Daihl

Character: Male Human Monk - Way of the open hand


Alignment: Lawful-Good

Faction: None

Deity: Lathander

Game: D&D 5.0 The Black Orb - Revenge of the Lord of Bones

Player: Christian Stenz

Retired at level 15

Bouw grew up in a small monastery in the countryside of the Moonshae Isles. He was left at the monestary when his mother died from sickness. His father was a sailor - half night stand.

He was raised by the monks in the monestary and trained in the way of the open hand.

Bouw turned out to be a very talented martial artist. He gained great respect in the monestary and became a leading figure there.

Turning 40, to complete his understanding of the world and himself he went walkabout, to explore the world and gain further insight. First he travelled the Moonshae Isles, then he became a sailor to reach the rest of Faerun.

While traveling the Sword Cost, he meets a traveling circus whith some very sympathetic people and travels for while with them, which leads him to Baldurs Gate...



After the defeat of Myrkul Bouw returned to Uldoon and the garden he had started there.

He restarted his efforts to create a monastery, starting out in the buildings he had acquired from the council but over the years expanded the place.

The garden was expanded over the years and the monastery became a well-known place, where people would seek help, peace or guidance.

It became a vibrant, happy place where the students from all over Faerun would gain insight into themselves, their bodies and the world.


He undertook several challenging expeditions into the nearby woods, and places far away, in order to gather rare plants for his garden.


Every year at the city festival he would perform an acrobatics show, showcasing his fantastic skills to entertain and enlighten the people of the town. Catching arrows, jumping from the top of the city tower and hitting multiple targets at a blink of an eye, or racing horses. Alongside with him youngsters from the monastery would demonstrate the skills that they had acquired.

Whenever his old friend, Kharsus was in town, a special show was given. This would be talked about for years after.

He even joined the circus Kharsus had established for several trips across Faerun.


Every once in a while he would visit his friend Gruff at the temple in the woods, and bring him some things from the garden as well as other good stuff.

And Gruff was always glad to help if he needed some special metalworks for his monastery. He also found the gardening tools Gruff provided were the best to be found.


Bouw lived for 125 years, never looked any older than when he smacked the finishing blow to Myrkuls head and only ate for pleasure or politeness.

He became a legend in the region and his heritage, the monastery, a landmark.

Name: Quilin Quickfinger

Character: Male Human (variant) Rogue

Background: Charlatan /Shadowtouched template

Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral

Faction: Zhentarim

Deity: Mask

Game: D&D 5.0 The Black Orb - Revenge of the Lord of Bones

Player: Rene Thomsen

Name: Sir Conrad Strongarm

Character: Male Human Paladin of Tempus

Background: Soldier (Officer)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Faction: Order of the Gaunlet

Deity: Tempus

Game: D&D 5.0 The Black Orb - Revenge of the Lord of Bones

Player: Steffan H. Olesen

Retired at Level 15

Sir Conrad Strongarm has been a professional soldier since childhood.


He has led troops and fought wars under different banners. 


Yet he craved for something more and felt he could do more out on his own. He then joined Order of the Gauntlet and has been a dedicated member ever since.


He has now been sent out by the Order of the Gauntlet to look into what causes the problems in Western Heartland and seek this villian called Dargoth Undeadbringer and information about the Orb.


After the epic battle against Myrkul Conrad was offered a leading position in the armed forces of Waterdeep. This was a great honour which he could not refuse.
Whenever Waterdeep was attacked Sir Conrad was always in the front striking fear in the attackers.
And in peace time he was often seen patrolling over the city on his Pegasus striking fear in anyone with ill intend.
When Sir Conrad wasn’t working for the city he often visited his friends from his adventures and fight against Myrkul.

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Retired at Level 14

Quilin Quickfinger - sometimes referred to as just Quilin and at other times as Sir Quilin was born in ... well nobody really knows. His beautiful infant body was found outside an inn in Waterdeep. He was wrapped in fine silk and his noble background was clear from the signet ring surrounding his little baby finger. Despite his obvious noble backgound, he was raised as the inn-keepers son, helping out in the inn carrying out trash while not washing dishes. His new family was poor so his father-in-law  rented hime out to the local thieves guild to help them out with minor tasks. Over the years he became better and better at "borrowing" items from wealthy (or not so wealthy) citizens and he learned how to walk in the shades and disarm traps (among other things). At some point he had a "minor" dispute with the leader of the guild, so he had to relocate to another area in Faerûn - and there was no time to decide which town or city as long as he quickly departed. Saying farewell to the inn keeper and Waterdeep he left of towards Baldurs Gate where he hoped he could find out more about his noble background since the signet ring from his childhood had a crescent moon symbol engraved. Another reason for choosing Baldur's Gate is also to hopefully meet up with members of the so-called "Shadow Thieves" guild. Perhaps they are looking for new members to help them out...


None / Unknown...