Boothill Group Jylland

Boothill Group Jylland


We are currently a group of 5 people dedicated to Boothill. All members have a huge experience and a track record for more than 20+ years in playing various RPG systems and various Board games. All members has played RPG since the 1980's where the Red D&D Basic set was released for sale in Europe.


All members are 35+ years old and we are all are located in Eastern part of Jutland.


The "Orc cave", which serve as our gaming room is located just 13 km North of Central Aarhus.



About the Characters



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Rene Thomsen


Picture says it all - No further explanation required.....




John "Doc" Malone

Player: Allan L. Smed

Profession/Background: Doctor

Race: White american

Gender: Male

Handedness: Left



John "Doc" Malone is educated as doctor asn has been a town doctor for some years. Now restless and travelling around to see things and have also learnt to shoot a weapon.


He is big brother to Jack Malone. The Malone brothers lost their parents many years ago when specially Jack was very young. 


John has thus been taken the "parent role" for jack. a job he has not acomplished very well as being absent most of the time - making Jack a bit of a wild one.


The loss of his parent also made John drink heavily in the period after almost making him incappable of doing his job.  One factor that lead to his stopped in this former doctor practise, was the loss of a patient.  An old women died under surgery because John was to drunk to stich her up properly and she died from bleeding out.


An experience that John has kept secret - lying to the old ladys family about the cause of death - it haunts hin still as of today. 


Though being a very poor role model for Jack - he still cares about his brother and will protect him in any situation as good as he can.


Billy "wild one" Malone

Player: Steffan Halkiær Olesen

Profession/Background: Gambler

Race: White american

Gender: Male

Handedness: Right



Billy "The wild one" Malone is neither educated or litteray as his older brother, but he has for sure learnt to shoot a pistol - and is extremly fast in doing so.  


Same can be said about his gambling skills - a trait that he has used for makin g a living and compensate fo rthe lack of education.


He is the younger brother to John Malone. The Malone brothers lost their parents many years ago when specially Billy was very young. 


John has thus been taken the "parent role" for jack. a job he has not acomplished very well as being absent most of the time - making Billy a bit of a wild one. Hence if quickly go this nickname added when involved in numerous skirmishes, where several including shootouts.


The loss of his parent at a very young age, has caused that Billy had to grow up without any proper role models. His older brother has by far not been able to compensate for this or fill in the loss.



John "Mad Dog" Ruddy Jr. (just "Ruddy")

Player: Regin Glob

Profession/Background: Locksmith

Race: Irish

Gender: Male

Handedness: Right


 Born in Amarillo, Texas.


Son of John Ruddy Sr and Lesley Ruddy (maiden name: Watson)

John Ruddy Jr grew up just outside Amarillo, where his dad had a small cattlehold and his mother took care of 5 kids.


John Ruddy Jr went to school in Amarillo for 2 years, but because of the cost of sending som many kids to school his parents took him out of school early to try to make a farmerson out of the oldest boy.


John Ruddy jr, was not much into physical work, he saw how his dad was worn down by all the heavy work with farm upkeep and cattle tackling. John ruddy jr, figured there were easier ways to make a living so he left his family promising his parents that he will return  one day, a rich man, who will make sure that his siblings will be able to go to school and his parents can ease of a bit on the hard work.


And therefore he has left the wellknown surroundings of Amarillo, to seek his luck amongst gamblers, hustlers and other fortuneseekers.


Quick earning was not something they taught in school, but John Ruddy jr had a natural understanding of cards and going under the radar. So he made himself a few coins from other pupils and found it much more enlightening to make money in a stool than from the hard work on the farm.

He also have a thing for pocket lifting but he is very careful with that as he was once very close to get caught and only pure luck kept him from jail or things worse than jail.


By now he makes a living at the local locksmith where he learns the trade of how to create locks, but also how to dismantle locks. He works for money and the locksmith Paddy Burns sees him as a very bright student, John Ruddy jr is way more interested in the later part but keeps up appearences  to learn the dark side of locksmithing on his own, when noone is looking over his shoulders.


Bluford "The Wasp" Larue

Player: Nikolaj Würtz Uhrenholt

Profession/Background: Newspaper publisher

Race: Mixed heritage

Gender: Male

Handedness: Right




Born 23 years ago to a French photographer and a an Irish schoolteacher. Bluford always wanted to work with words and early on fell in love with dime westerns. His mother insisted upon Bluford learning a trade and so with a little help from his father he got an apprenticeship with the local newspaper. Bluford quickly learned the tricks of the trade, he had an uncanny ability to write compelling articles. No matter how boring the topic, Bluford always angled the story so that the public loved it, always exposing the injustices of society. That must be where Bluford's nickname “The Wasp” originated.

His physique being unintimidating, Bluford instead opted to use stealth and cunning in his exploits, thus honing his gambling skills and of course trained his hand in the art of shooting his pistol.

The love of the dime westerns persisted, and Bluford tried his hand at writing some. Unsuccessfully so.


Bluford thus decides that what he lacked was hands on experience, Hence Bluford travelled west.


Nathaniel Blake "Nate"

Player: Christian Stenz

Profession/Background: Veteran Confederations Solider

Race: White Amercian

Gender: Male

Handedness: Right




A veteran soldier who served several years in the wars. 

Once greatly respected in the army, but has found civilian life harsh.

Was often in charge of blowing things up, thus has some expertise with explosives.

After the war he has made a living as hired gunman / bodyguard, and whatever was necessary to make a living. 

Grew up on the east coast, but poverty drove him into the army when he was old enough.

After his last job protecting a gold digger transporting his findings into town he hangs out at the saloon looking for new employment © 2010 •