Group 3


We are currently a group of 5 people dedicated to PATHFINDER. All members have a huge experience and a track record for more than 20+ years in playing various RPG systems and various Board games. All members has played RPG since the 1980's where the Red D&D Basic set was released for sale in Europe.


All members are 35+ years old and we are all are located in Aarhus Area and as well as Eastern part of Jutland.


We play a Marathon session (15+ hours of play) approx. once a Quarter in the month.


The "Orc cave", which serve as our gaming room is located just 13 km North of Central Aarhus.




About the Characters



Dungeon Master »

Peter B. Vand


Picture says it all - No further explanation required.....



Gorimm "Blood Ale" Grimface

Male Dwarf, Berserker / Priest of Korada »


Allan L. S.


Description to be inserted




Wheezer Crust

Male Half-Orc, Inquisitor»


Regin G.



Description to be inserted





Ardigus Flamel

Male Elf, Alchemist »


Rene T.


Description to be inserted





Dorean Monzolezera

Male Human, Fighter »


Christian S.


Character description to be inserted






Male Human, Sorcerer »


Steffan O.


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