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We are currently a group of 6 people dedicated to D&D. The majority of the members have a huge experience and a track record for more than 20+ years in playing various RPG systems, though D&D has been the primare prefered system. Four of the members has played RPG since the 1980's where the Red D&D Basic set was released for sale in Europe.


All members are 35+ years old and we are all are located in Eastern part of Jutland.


We play bi-weekly on Thursday evenings.


The "Orc cave", which serve as our gaming room is located just 13 km North of Central Aarhus.



About the Characters



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Current Characters

Name: Armand de Las Cuevas

Character: Male Dark Elf, Bard/Warlock/Cleric

Background: Unknown

Faction: Officially Lords Alliance

Deity: Ghaunador

Game: D&D 5.0 Rage against Demons Campaign

Player: Regin Glob

Armand De Las Cuevas, the Troubadour. Son of Eileen De Las Cuevas, wood elf of the high forest, and a Marauding Darkelf-rapist from Menzoberranzan, who attacked a wood elf colony in the outskirts of High forest. Few survivors of the attack but Eileen was one of them and she gave a dramatic birth to her bastard child. She died of shame before she laid eyes on her son. As he grew up, young Armand, felt the ignorance of his fellow elf younglings. He was different, with the mind of a wood elf but the looks of a darkelf he never felt accepted in the community. An old female elf took care of him in his first years but as he grew older she abandoned him as it became too much of a pressure on her to keep the boy within the elven community. He was an outcast in his homeland. He left High forest and went to Silverymoon where he lived of the streets, staying put in the sewers at daytime and making the best of his time at night where he had the better chances of success with his Darkelf nightvision and his nimble fingers. He actually did pretty good but it bothered him that he could never be accepted in the city. He once robbed a noble of silverymoon of his Golden beautiful Lyre, and that became a turning point in his life, of two reasons: he started playing the Lyre and found that he had a natural talent for it. Secondly, he was wanted by the city guard and the Nobleman and it made life in Silverymoon very difficult for Armand De Las Cuevas. So he left one night to seek out his fortune somewhere else in high spirits playing on his Lyre but always wondering if there would ever be a place in the realms for him, where others would accept him, welcome him, befriend him, and will he ever be able to return the acceptance and friendship when/if offered.


Name: Father Avery of Deneir

Character: Male Human Cleric (Knowlegde Domain)

Background: Cloistered Scholar

Faction: Haroers and Priesthood of Deneir in Candlekeep and Church of Neverwinter

Deity: Deneir

Game: D&D 5.0 Rage against Demons Campaign

Player: Peter Brandt Vand

Avery grew up in Candlekeeps great library, no one knows who his parents is, or where he was born. One morning the attending librarian found him as an infant in a section of the library, how he got there, or who left him no one knows.


Avery was raised by the clerics of Deneir, and quickly became a favorite among them, cause of his quick learning and good memory. They named him Avery, after the old headmaster of the Edificant Library.


Only problems is his desire to see and learn everything himself, some experiments didn’t always go as planned. Averywas often criticized for not sticking to letter of Deneir’s teaching, but Deneir encourages learning and knowledge, and seeing things from all the angles, instead of just one must be best, or so Athelstan believes.


Avery loves mysteries, and will look through books, tomes and scrolls for hours if it can solve a problem or mystery. He is always making notes in his little books, so he doesn't miss anything.


That is also why the clergy has send him on missions to discover secret tomes or knowledge or even lost persons. It was on one of these missions, that Avery discovered something mysterious about the balance of good and evil, there was something going on in the underdark, and his gut feeling said it had something to do with demons


Avery informed his supervisors .....and was sent together with a group of five younger Brothers of the Church. The journey led them North to Yartar and from there to the Evermoors. Here they received af vision that the threat was coming from below. They were also shown an entrance to the Upperdark - possible by divine interaction from Deneir.


From there Avery and his Fellow Brothers continued the journey into the dark.....



Name: Harbek "Darkheart" Hammerstone

Character: Male, Mountain Dwarf, Paladin

Background:Clan Crafter

Faction: Zhentarim

Deity: Unknown - Fallen Paladin

Game: D&D 5.0 Rage against Demons Campaign

Player: Rene Thomsen

Harbek Hammerstone is a relatively young Paladin dwarf dedicated to follow the righteous path of Torm and fight all evil forces that he encounters. Despite being a dwarf, he is very good looking with a beautiful dwarven-style charismatic face that fits nicely together with his strong body and healthy nature. Wisdom and intelligence is not his strongest assets although above average - in particular to the average foes encountered during his travel through Underdark.

Being a paladin, he has a strong opinion about what is good and righteous and he will often resolve evil encounters by using his trusty warhammer and paladin acquired skills instead of useless planning and small talking. He has a strong grudge against all types of undeads and will fight them at all costs. A passion that probably dates back to his early days of paladin training where he was traped in a dungeon with nothing but undeads surrounding him and his warhammer in his hand. These dreadful nights still hunts him and only the light of Torm has kept him on the sane path. 


Harbek is a mountain dwarf (of course!) and belongs to a small dwarwen clan that lives a quiet life in solitude isolated from other societies and with very limited ineractions with other non-dwarven folks.


During his upbringing he was trained in stone cutting and was introduced to the wonderous secrets of gems, something that still brings a smile to his face when he coincidentally stumbles upon a gem or two. He has a very keen eye on gems (mostly the high valued ones) and the reason why he has this particular affiliation for gems is something that only Harbek knows.


Finally, Harbeck always helps people in need without regards to his own personal costs of such actions - unless gems are involved.


He has chosen the adventureous path instead of staying at one of the temples of Torm since he sees adventuring as a perfect opportunity to do his part in eradicating all evil deeds (primarily focusing on undeads) - and of course to gather as many gems as possible. 

Name: Quarion Dundragon

Character:Male Half-Elf Dragonborn Sorcerer

Background:Sage (Researher)


Deity: Bahamut

Game: D&D 5.0 Rage against Demons Campaign

Player: Steffan Olesen

Raised in Baldurs Gate. He has been very interested in investigating the background for his family

Have studied at the local University. As a frequent guest to the library in Candlekeep, he has read all kinds of literature.

Has spent his life searching for the reason, why he has not yet developed some abilities having a dragon as ancestor.

In the age of 30 years old - he finally achieved magical abilities.

Is now set out to travel out into the world and acquire additional knowledge, skills and magical abilities


Dundragon has a strong connection and interest in Drsgon eggs. Recently he recieved a Gold dragon egg that he is hactching in a Tower in Neverwinter City.


He also seems to hold a very deep and special relationship with a sword called "Dawnbringer" that he constantly caries and talks to.

Name: Clan Chief Hugan "the Demonslayer"

Character: Male Goliath, Barbarian

Background: Unknown

Faction: Emerald Enclave

Deity: Nature Spirits

Game: D&D 5.0 Rage against Demons Campaign

Player: Christian Stenz

Originally known as Hugan the Totem Warrior. Hugan was part of an expedition to The Underdark. The expedition group was called "Warriors against the Drows" and their mission was to locate and find a lost member of the group - a female Shield Dwarf scout called Eldeth Feldrun. If it was dead or alive didnt matter. Eldeth was captured by the evil Drows and Hugan has a natural strong dislike for drows. "Warriors against the Drow consisted of:


Hugan the Totem Warrior

Eldeth Feldrun, femnale Shield dwarf Fighter (gone missing)

Langalth, Gome Wizard

Warback, Halfling Rougue

Braxta, Female Goliath Barbarian (from Hugans Clan)


The expedition group was wiped in the Underdark an Hugan was only survivor and was found by a wandering party called "Lords of Underdark".


After sucessfully defeating the Demon threat in the Underdark, Hugan was initiated as new Clan Chief for his tribe adn recieved the nickname "The Demon slayer".


The Hugan tribe is located in the most eastern part of Neverwinter mountains and his village has become a strong allied to the Kingdom of Gauntlgrym.


Hugan holds a big hatred to a new enemy the Giants - as apparantly a band of Frost Giants and other giants slayed his former Clan Chief and a handfull of clan members. © 2010 •