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Group Jylland

We are currently a group of 6 people dedicated to D&D. The majority of the members have a huge experience and a track record for more than 20+ years in playing various RPG systems, though D&D has been the primare prefered system. Four of the members has played RPG since the 1980's where the Red D&D Basic set was released for sale in Europe.

All members are 35+ years old and we are all are located in Eastern part of Jutland.

We play bi-weekly on Thursday evenings.

The "Orc cave", which serve as our gaming room is located just 13 km North of Central Aarhus.

About the Characters

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A. Smed

Picture says it all - No further explanation required.....

So it began.......

Caius Moonwhisper is going all in in the search for his parents murderers, Rovan One eye and his band of killers. Therefore he has asked for help from friends and allies around the area of Amn.

Only the dwarves of the Kazzarak clan agreed to send "a very special and talented cleric of Moradin".

But Caius is a man on a mission and he keeps searching for adventurers who seeks fame and fortune. It so happens that one day as he takes a walk in downtown Baldurs gate he is pickpocketed by a young male. Caius, a holy man is just about to seek justice on the young man and turn him over to the cityguard, when a shreved plan forms in his head. He offers the young man an oppurtunity to make amends. To catch a rogue you need a rogue, and that was one offer the young "lender" could not reject, a partnership between Caius and Quilin Quickfinger had seen the day.

Later one day, one of Caius' contacts could bring news of a travelling circus with a great variety of artists, young adventurers with great skills. Caius took contact as he had an idea that his party needed as much divercity as possible but also someone a little inqocnito around town and so, he thought he had developed a perfect party to find his parents murderers. He had to pay a lot of money, almost all he had left, to pay the circus for loosing some of their talented artists, the munk who breaks bricks with his bare hands and the great illusionist.

But Caius cared little for money, he only saw revenge, anf he was sure that he had found the right constellation of heroes to fight his war.

Oh yeah, an adventure was about to start for Caius's bastards, but what kind, nobody expected what was about to happen, least of all the dwarf as he was never invited to the party gathering, he was politely asked to stay outside town to take care of his donkey, Boe......

.... and thus was the MOONWHISPERS group was formed. By the unlikely companionship of a Half-Elf Paladin, a Mountain Dwarf joined by a Noble Rogue. Merging with two companions from a travelling Circus: A Monk and an Illusionist. All embarked on Caius mission to revenge and kill Rovan One Eye. Or at least find a meaning in the Chaos and in their own lives as well...

However the Short term needs often sets a long term vision aside. So the first task for the Moonwhispers was to make a earn for the living.

Luckily with the charismatic appreance and diplomatic tongue of Caius, the Moonwhispers manage to get hired by the merchant  shop “Sorcerous Sundries” in Baldurs Gate, which is owned by the Mage Rivalen Blackhand. The shop specializes in arcane supplies, potions, scrolls and even magic items.

The characters was hired together with a Human wizard named Roland, his smaller beautiful sister the human female rogue Enna and a proud and stubborn Human Knight Ulfgar Silversword. Relatively fast Caius took the opportunity to formally onboard the three in the Moonwhispers group.

Now all eight currently as hired mercenaries to ensure the safety of the trade caravan travelling along Uldoon trail going to Berdusk. The Sorcerous Sundries company always use the Uldoon trail to avoid the northern trail through the Fields of the Dead, which they believe is more risky as they pass The Troll Claws.

The adventure starts on the caravan travelling along Uldoon trail under the leadership of Rivalen Blackhands shop manager - the human mage Gilligunn

- watching out for the sorroundings but also passing time by talking in order to get to know the three newest additions to the team better…………..


Name: Gruff Vohnkar Grimcleaver

Character: Male Mountaindwarf, Cleric/Fighter of Moradin

Background: Acolyte - customised

Alignment: Lawful-Good

Faction: Dwarven Clan of Karxarrak - but now hermit

Deity: Moradin

Game: D&D 5.0 The Black Orb - Revenge of the Lord of Bones

Player: Regin Glob

Retired at level 16

It was a very late night in the "Bellow inn" deep in the cloud peaks mountain range.

Morgran Grimcleaver wealthy butcher of the Kazzarek clan and strong follower of Moradin, had had a fair amount of too much, dwarven strong-ale.

He was the last guest and the barkeeper politely asked him to leave.

As he left "Bellow inn" he  felt sad and lonely. That was when he "got lucky". A woman, of some sort, he couldn't care less, made moves on him, and he decided to go with the flow and invited jer home.

When he sobered up the next day he realised that he had shared a night with a Mongrel woman. He threw her out on the doorstep hoping that none had seen his "mistake". But in Clan Kazzarak nothing goes unnoticed and this was no exception. The other clan members took distance to Morgran, as they had problems accepting his lack of control.

A few months passed as the mongrel woman shoved up on Morgrans doorstep, pregnant.

That was way more than the dwarf could handle, the embarrassment was to much. He realised how he had disgraced his name and the clan and he ended his days hanging from a rope by his own hands.

The mongrel woman "Immer" lived in the streets and the outskirts of clan Kazzaraks stronghold, not accepted by the dwarves who felt ashamed of what a clan member had done, so they put out food for her when they thought nobody was watching.

She gave birth to a strong dwarven boy with some Mongrel traits. The boy was born without a tongue and had no language, the only thing he really said was something that sounded like Gruff, so thats what She called him, Gruff Grimcleaver after his dad. The boy also lacked the lower part of his right leg, from the knee and down.

Immer had no high standards for living, she digged through other peoples trash, she hardly never washed and she wore the same set of clothes, always. She was a mess and so was Gruff. Noone wanted to be close to the pair, they actually had the ability to shun others.

Still they were allowed in Clan Kazzarak due to Gruffs family bond.

Immer and Gruff lived together for 40 years until one day, Immer slipped into a tube where she was searching for food and other goodies. She fell and broke her neck.

Now Gruff was alone.

The dwarves still felt they had a responsibility for the Mongrel dwarf and especially the church of Moradin felt a need to help the boy as Morgran Grimcleaver was a great benefactor to the church. But it was not an easy thing to adopt Gruff. He had no standards at all, he was smelly and disgusting and the other acolytes denied to work with him. The priests tried to see if they could make a butcher out of him, like his father, but except for a fantastic flair with the cleaver, he was almost closing down the buthershop as nobody wanted to get near as long as Gruff and his low hygiene standards was there.

The priests were desperat, and high priest Kargaz asked Moradin for advice.

His God answered that he had no time for petty problems like that. But High priest Kargaz kept praying and praying and finally Moradin answered "I will let Gruff Grimcleaver become one of my priests and he shall be as able as any priest even though he lacks the ability of speak, teach him what you can and send him out in the world to find a holy relic of mine, tell him he can't return without one". High priest Kargaz thanked his God for listening and helping and asked how the could repay his help , and the god answered "I will let you understand that it has consequences to disturb your God like that". It is said that bed linen in the church of Moradin in clan Kazzarak smelled forever as bad as Gruff, no matter how much it was washed or renewed.

The priests prepared Gruff for his mission, making him a wooden leg with a metal piece as foot so he can fight with it, they gave him extra cleavers and a shield, armor and a holy symbol that they welded into the shield crest and finally they made him a book with doctrines so that he would always remember rights and wrongs if he got lost.

The last thing he got before heading out on his mission was a donkey, named Boe. Then he left Kazzarak.

Gruff Stinking odor

Gruff create a 5-foot-radius sphere of, nauseating

smell centred on himself. The odor spreads around corners.

Each creature that is completely within the 5 feet radius (i.e. tiny, small or medium creatures) , must at the start of its turn make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw against the foul smell. On a failed save, the creature has disadvantage on ability checks and attacks for the rest of the turn and as long as it remains within the radius. Creatures that don't need to breathe or do not have a smell automatically succeed on this saving throw.

A moderate wind (at least 10 miles per hour) or strong wind (at least 20 miles per hour) negates this effect

Gruff is immune to the effect.

Wooden Peg Leg

Gruff can use a bonus action to make an extra kick attack using STR modifier. On a successful hit target takes 1d6 in bludgeoning damage.

Walking speed is reduced to 20 feet

Disadvantage vs. checks and saves on getting prone

Disadvantage on stealth checks


In an old ruin, not that far from the fast growing city of Uldoon, in the center of the old forest called Wood of Sharp Teeth. A lonely dwarf has taken residence in an abandoned elven ruin formerly dedicated to the elven god Corellon, that has been deserted for many years. This ruin played a big part in one of the western Heartlands major events about the black orb and the return of Myrkul.

An unlikely hero, with his scruffy looks, peg legged and mute. None ever expected him to be part of anything grandeur. The dwarf retreated to a life of some solitude in these old ruins, determined to make the place respectable again for the sake of history and for his love of old craftmanship.

Still he kept a secret contact with his old smithing company partner in Uldoon Blacksmith Barley, who kept providing provisions and steel supply to the old temple.

Every day he kept working on the old temple, he kept it all in the same style as the previous builder, properly elves and dwarves, had made it in the first place. He worked every day, same routine, repeatedly
- he was tireless. The only place where he created something from his own imagination was in the old death dragons cave. At the end of every day, he returned to that cave where the bone dragon had been as they first ventured into these ruins.

This place he formed into a colossal temple room in the honor of Moradin. It was the least he could do ti honor his omnipresent deity.

None was ever invited to see this magnificent temple, he kept it all to himself behind hidden doors and nasty traps concealed in floors with pointy spikes waiting for an unwelcome intruder wring step. There were traps in the walls and loosened boulders in the ceiling, just waiting to be unleashed on the unwary.

He did not expect intruders, he mostly created them for fun, and sometimes he remade them to be even nastier. Once he got caught in his own trap and barely survived a boulder released from great height in a moment of thoughtlessness.

Sometimes his old partner from Uldoon had a special request on some marvelous hinges for a rich mans front door, and he would build the most fantastic crafted door pieces, often he would create much more than asked for, but to him it was art, and that was how he worked.

The only visitors he would ever get was his old travelling buddies, Kharsus, Sir Conrad and Bouw. He was very glad that Quillin never found time to show for their reunions as he was quite sure that Quillin would have a difficult time to keep his hands in his pockets, and Gruff, the dwarf, also was afraid that his ”friend” and travelling companion from back then would have a hard time not to tell everyone about Gruffs hideout.

Still, the dwarf had a thing he had a hard time to deal with. Raised without much guidance he had a difficult time to finish issues that he was uncertain of how to handle and he had an old problem from his travelling days, the loss of his acolyte Gomori. He was lost on the shadowfell in a very odd way, lost in a spell called teleport. It was the only time in life that someone had asked Gruff to take a responsibility to someone else, a father role of some kind, and he blew it big time. Gruff had no tools in his very sparsely filled toolbox of feelings and situational flare. So instead of returning to his old priesthood and Dwarven Clan in Kazzarak, he stayed hidden, away from a devastated mother, Maybe a wrath of unheard proportions, he would never know. He had taken on dragons, ghosts, all kinds of undeads and even a god’s avatar, but the wrath of a mother was simply too much for Gruff to comprehend.

He asked his god for forgiveness of his cowardice every day for the rest of his life.

Name: Karsus Thantul

Character: Male Human, Wizard Extraordinaire

Background: Entertainer

Alignment: Chaotic-Good

Faction: The Harpers

Deity: Leira

Game: D&D 5.0 The Black Orb - Revenge of the Lord of Bones

Player: Peter Vand Brandt

Retired at level 15

Karsus Thantul grew up in a travelling circus, owned by his parents. His father Thelamount was the impressarior and his mother was the famous illusionist Elvina the Magnificent.

So Karsus’ grew up, all over the sword coast, as the circus travelled from town to town. Karsus helped his mother with her act, and she soon discovered that Karsus had talent for magic, so she learned him the basics of magic. He got his own little show in the circus, and was called Karsus Wizard Extraordinaire. Karsus loved the circus, loved travelling the Sword Coast.

Elvina wanted the best for her son, and knew that in Baldur’s Gate lived her uncle, who was a better magician than her self, and she urged karsus to go to Baldur Gate and learn from him. Karsus wanted to learn more magic, but didn’t want to live in an old tower, he wasn’t finished seeing Faerun. But he said yes to his mother and left for Baldurs Gate, hoping that some the friends he had meet when travelling with the circus, would be there, so he could go adventuring with them, instead of living with her uncle.


Kharsus had a difficult time after the final battle against Myrkul, he almost died to the god of death, and looked death in the eyes, quite a disturbing experience. 

At first he thought about Laeral’s offer about lordship and so on, but quickly changed his mind. No, with all the death and suffering, he felt the need to do something else, something fun and something good, and do it his way, probably not something Quilin would understand, but Conrad, Bouw and Gruff would understand him. So he asked Laeral and the Harpers for a small safehouse in Waterdeep, and help to get the old circus running again, and they found the idea great, that way they could get a Harper agent travelling freely across the Sword Coast and help find knowledge and help people on the way

Kharsus started looking for people with extra ordinaire talents like himself, and rebuild the old circus again. This time the Circus travelled the sword coast, and entertained people everywhere they went, and often they went where people needed help, and where the Harpers needed assistance.

He was offered a higher position within the organisation, but that didn’t interrest him, no he wanted to help and most of all entertain and make people happy.

He tried to travel through Uldoon as often as possible so he could visit Bouw, and hear all about the new herbs he had grown, and entertain the small halfling monks he trained, sometimes Bouw went along with the circus for old time sake, or when Kharsus needed help with a difficult task.

He also visited Gruff in the old temple, even invited him along the circus, but Gruff just wanted to stay and work in the temple, so Kharsus tried to stop by and cheer him up when possible. He knew Gruff had a hard time cooping with the loss of Gomori. Kharsus had the same guilt about Kharvil, so he had taken on an apprentice to write about the circus, and teach him about the wonders of Illusions.

Kharsus was now, living the life he wanted, entertaining people, helping the good cause of the Harpers, visiting friends, all the good things in life.

Name: Bouw Landers Daihl

Character: Male Human Monk - Way of the open hand


Alignment: Lawful-Good

Faction: None

Deity: Lathander

Game: D&D 5.0 The Black Orb - Revenge of the Lord of Bones

Player: Christian Stenz

Retired at level 15

Bouw grew up in a small monastery in the countryside of the Moonshae Isles. He was left at the monestary when his mother died from sickness. His father was a sailor - half night stand.

He was raised by the monks in the monestary and trained in the way of the open hand.

Bouw turned out to be a very talented martial artist. He gained great respect in the monestary and became a leading figure there.

Turning 40, to complete his understanding of the world and himself he went walkabout, to explore the world and gain further insight. First he travelled the Moonshae Isles, then he became a sailor to reach the rest of Faerun.

While traveling the Sword Cost, he meets a traveling circus whith some very sympathetic people and travels for while with them, which leads him to Baldurs Gate...



After the defeat of Myrkul Bouw returned to Uldoon and the garden he had started there.

He restarted his efforts to create a monastery, starting out in the buildings he had acquired from the council but over the years expanded the place.

The garden was expanded over the years and the monastery became a well-known place, where people would seek help, peace or guidance.

It became a vibrant, happy place where the students from all over Faerun would gain insight into themselves, their bodies and the world.


He undertook several challenging expeditions into the nearby woods, and places far away, in order to gather rare plants for his garden.


Every year at the city festival he would perform an acrobatics show, showcasing his fantastic skills to entertain and enlighten the people of the town. Catching arrows, jumping from the top of the city tower and hitting multiple targets at a blink of an eye, or racing horses. Alongside with him youngsters from the monastery would demonstrate the skills that they had acquired.

Whenever his old friend, Kharsus was in town, a special show was given. This would be talked about for years after.

He even joined the circus Kharsus had established for several trips across Faerun.


Every once in a while he would visit his friend Gruff at the temple in the woods, and bring him some things from the garden as well as other good stuff.

And Gruff was always glad to help if he needed some special metalworks for his monastery. He also found the gardening tools Gruff provided were the best to be found.


Bouw lived for 125 years, never looked any older than when he smacked the finishing blow to Myrkuls head and only ate for pleasure or politeness.

He became a legend in the region and his heritage, the monastery, a landmark.

Name: Quilin Quickfinger

Character: Male Human (variant) Rogue

Background: Charlatan /Shadowtouched template

Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral

Faction: Zhentarim

Deity: Mask

Game: D&D 5.0 The Black Orb - Revenge of the Lord of Bones

Player: Rene Thomsen

Retired at Level 14

Quilin Quickfinger - sometimes referred to as just Quilin and at other times as Sir Quilin was born in ... well nobody really knows. His beautiful infant body was found outside an inn in Waterdeep. He was wrapped in fine silk and his noble background was clear from the signet ring surrounding his little baby finger. Despite his obvious noble backgound, he was raised as the inn-keepers son, helping out in the inn carrying out trash while not washing dishes. His new family was poor so his father-in-law  rented hime out to the local thieves guild to help them out with minor tasks. Over the years he became better and better at "borrowing" items from wealthy (or not so wealthy) citizens and he learned how to walk in the shades and disarm traps (among other things). At some point he had a "minor" dispute with the leader of the guild, so he had to relocate to another area in Faerûn - and there was no time to decide which town or city as long as he quickly departed. Saying farewell to the inn keeper and Waterdeep he left of towards Baldurs Gate where he hoped he could find out more about his noble background since the signet ring from his childhood had a crescent moon symbol engraved. Another reason for choosing Baldur's Gate is also to hopefully meet up with members of the so-called "Shadow Thieves" guild. Perhaps they are looking for new members to help them out...

Name: Sir Conrad Strongarm

Character: Male Human Paladin of Tempus

Background: Soldier (Officer)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Faction: Order of the Gaunlet

Deity: Tempus

Game: D&D 5.0 The Black Orb - Revenge of the Lord of Bones

Player: Steffan H. Olesen

Retired at Level 15

Sir Conrad Strongarm has been a professional soldier since childhood.


He has led troops and fought wars under different banners. 


Yet he craved for something more and felt he could do more out on his own. He then joined Order of the Gauntlet and has been a dedicated member ever since.


He has now been sent out by the Order of the Gauntlet to look into what causes the problems in Western Heartland and seek this villian called Dargoth Undeadbringer and information about the Orb.

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