Game Room




Our Game Room i placed located in the Cellar (Dungeon) and fully dedicated to Table Top Role Playing Gaming as well as Board Gaming. It id decorated with Classic Fantasy Art from some of the most famous D&D artist. The main Gmaing Table is specially designed for RPG with Players naturally facing towards the DM and an "end section of the table sized to fit a DM Screen.

Our Game Room has a Quite broad supply of Game Aids - including RPG Library, Dwarvenforge, Various miniature terrain and houses, ships and siege Engines.



Orkerhulen Game Room


Sample Pictures from our Gaming room

Main Game Table (Own Design)

Game Room

RPG Library and Game Aids

Sample from Room Art. Classic Fansaty Art from the most famous D&D Artists - All Signed and numbered

Wine Chalice

The Keeper of Time

DMs Private Giant Ale Mug - should only be used during Weekend Game Sessions

The Character Chest - Contains PC Miniatures for most Classes and Races


....and of course more dice

Game Aids: Pencils, Laser Pens for line of Sight, Dice, Dice Bag, Dice Tray, Spell Cards, Easy Erase markers, Time Glasses

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